Drinking solo or Honsulnamnyeo or 혼술남녀 (2016)

Noryangjin Academy is a private institution for students who want to enter civil service.
Jin Jung-suk is a star lecturer with many students who flock to hear him.
He doesn’t like to mingle with his co-workers and at the end of a teaching day, he likes to drink alone whole eat expensive food and listening to high quality music.
Since Korean work places put an emphasis on being part of a group, which includes social activities after work hours, Jung-suk’s behavior is perceived as weird but each and every person on this series, drinks alone every now and then.

Kim Won-hae is the academy’s director, he’s under his wives family pressure and needs to please them by making the academy a success.
He doesn’t like Jung-suk’s anti-social behavior but succumbs to it because he’s afraid to lose him to another academy.

Park Ha-na graduated from a small university, she is a rookie lecturer of Korean with very few students, due to her mild nature.
She’s a kind woman and always finds herself helping others because she has a hard time saying No.
Hwang Jin-Yi is an English lecturer, she’s pretty desperate to get married to her boyfriend and using her sexiness to gain more students.
Despite being a bit vain and spoiled, she is a good friend to Jin-yi.
Each lecturer has his own tricks to get the students interested and Min Jin-Woong imitates famous characters from drama series.
Despite his silly ways at work, he’s a dedicated lecturer and a good guy.
When Jung-suk refuses to teach a joint class with the three rookie lecturers and ridicules them, they decide to take revenge.
While surfing the net, Ha-na reads a rumor about Jung-suk.
The rumors claim that since there’s no information to be found about him at the prestigious university he claimed he graduated from, he never studied there.
The three lecturers decide to tells the academy director about this rumor but Ha-na ends up getting angry at Jung-suk’s vanity and disregard for her and tells the school director about the rumor all by herself.
Then Jung-suk is forced to reveals that his name can’t be found as a graduate from that prestigious university, simply because he changed it.
He then agrees to give the joint class along with Jin-woong and Jin-yi, excluding and disregarding Ha-na’s apologies.

Other than lecturers, the academy also has its “star” students:
Kim Ki-bum has rich parents and he’s not in any hurry to graduate, he gives himself a Five year ultimatum to finish his studies and meanwhile, he spends his time drinking, eating and playing wit his Two best friends.
Kim Dong-young borrows money from his parents and sister, to pay for his tuition but somehow, he can’t focus on his studies.
He wants to study but always get distracted by Ki-bum and Jin Gong-myung who always convince him to come party with them.
He wants to study for his girlfriend but she breaks up with him after her mother tells her to do so.
Gong-myung is Jung-suk’s younger brother who is forced to come and live with him until graduation because their mother insists on it.
After bumping into Ha-na before school and helping her a few time, Gong-myung falls in love with her and is more than ready to make her his girlfriend.
Jung Chae-yeon is a star student and the most beautiful girl on campus but she has an iron will and cuts all of her friends and rejects every suitor, until graduation.
While Ki-bum is in love with her, despite being cruelly rejected by her on his first year, Chae-yeon ends up falling for Gong-myung, who is only interested in her as a friend and a study instructor.

Meanwhile, poor Ha-na has to help support her mother financially, so she really needs more students and joining Jung-suk’s joint class is a good way to be seen and heard but Jung-suk refuses to forgive her.
When the stubborn professor finds out that he blamed adorable Ha-na for things that weren’t her fault, he agrees to add her to the joint class.
While Gong-myung tries to take care of Ha-na and manages to get her recorded promise to date him if he graduates, the strict and snobbish Jung-suk, finds himself amused by her clumsiness and adorableness and starts falling for her.

Why did I like it: It’s amusing, touching and well acted.

Why didn’t I like it: Until you get into it, it looks a bit repetitive but stick with it because it’s a really cute series.

Favorite moment 1 – Ki-bum,Dong-young and Gong-myung are fighting in the street
Favorite moment 2 – Dong-young during the car ride with Ki-bum and Gong-myung
favorite moment 3 – Dong-young almost drowning 😀
Favorite moment 4 – Ki-bum goes to his grandmother’s birthday
Favorite moment 5 – Ki-bum making his friend realize that he should pursue a career of a cop, by chasing him down the street
Favorite moment 6 – “If you can see this, it means I’m dozing off. Wake me up.”

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