What’s up? (2011)

Jang Jae-hun, who is brought up by his single mother, is hanging out with the wrong crowd and robs drunk people on the street, along with Two other friends.
One night though, something goes wrong and the police arrives.
While trying to escape, Jae-hun causes an accident that results in the death of a pedestrian.
Jae-hun manages to escape the police and the accident scene, while holding on to a piece of paper, baring a name and an address, that the pedestrian was carrying with him.
Plagued by fear and guilt, he escapes into a theater, where he is moved to tears by a singer, performing a song from “The phantom of the opera”, and decides to become an actor.
Ha Do-sung was left by his mother at a young age.
He is told that in order to protect her life (or rather, her life style), he has to live his life without attracting unnecessary attention.
After uploading online songs that he composes and sings, he becomes an internet sensation but since he can’t reveal his face, he always wears a mask and uses the stage name “Hades”.
On his first live performance, he is being photographed by Paparazzi, in his dressing room and without his mask.
While his mother promises to take care of the photographer, Do-sung, has to announce to his adoring audience, that he will not be performing anymore.
His love for music and performing is too strong though and he decides to study at Haneul arts university
Jae-hun returns to the accident’s scene, in order to relieve his guilty conscience, When he asks the seller, at a nearby grocery store, she tells him that the pedestrian has survived, when in fact, he was killed.
Jae-hun mother is willing to give him the money to study acting, and he asks his friend to submit the online form for him.
He is surprised to find that his friend, signed him up for a major in music theater instead of acting, when he doesn’t even know what a musical is.
His spontaneous audition is good enough to spark the teacher’s curiosity and he is accepted.
Eun Jae-young is a famous actress who has never studied the craft, now she who wants to study musical theater and become the best that she can.
Sadly, she is very manipulative and doesn’t mind climbing to the top by using her beauty and charm and stepping all over her school mates in the process.
Park Tae-Yi‘s father was killed in an accident but she keeps on speaking to him and consulting him.
Poor, disoriented Tae-yi, is running all around the campus to try and find the building where her audition is to take place.
Oh Doo-ri come to the auditions with her overly dominating mother who is trying to compensate for her lost marriage and singing career, by turning her daughter into a performing doll.
Doo-ri, who is fed up with being told what to do and how to look, adopts a new rebellious look, that doesn’t sit well with her mother.
Kim Byung-Gun, is talented but suffers from stage fright that makes him lose his voice.
He finds himself in the same dorm room as Lee Soo-Bin, a third year student and already a famous pianist and composer who has won many awards.
Since Soo-bin is famous, Jae-young is shamelessly flirting with him, so that she can use him to her advantage but he is less than responsive to her attempts.
The arrogant and tough Jae-hun, the timid and secretive Do-sung and the enthusiastic and sensitive Tae-yi, form an unlikely friendship.
Professor Sun Woo-young, once a great star of the musical theater, lived as a drunken recluse, in the mountains, after he lost the love of his life.
When he comes back to teach, after Five years, his unusual teaching methods, make Doo-ri fall for him.
Unfortunately, his return, sparks the interests of a Paparazzi photographer, who is lurking in the shadows in order to catch a photo of Do-sung, while posing a threat to Woo-young’s career as a teacher and to Do-sung’s happy life as a normal university student.
As the students are divided into Two groups, for a big show and audition, they have to deal with their insecurities, secrets and lies.

Why didn’t I like it?
On the one hand, this is a cute high-school series but on the other hand, what’s going on with the writing?
As much as I love Byung-gun, how is it possible for someone who is dead afraid of singing in front of people, to get accepted to a music school?
We saw him with our own eyes, auditioning so how was he able to sing then but not after that and why do his teachers, invest so much time in trying to find ways to make him sing?
The same goes for Jae-hun, who didn’t even know what a musical was before he started studying.
This show was supposed to have a second season but very sadly, 2011 wasn’t a very good year for Daesungie and perhaps that’s why the series ends in such a strange and abrupt way with many loose ends.

Why did I like it?
Although I started watching this because I wanted to see Daesung acting, it’s fun series to watch, there are quite a few amusing moments, especially when Byung-gun appears, he is so in love with himself :D.
The songs are nice, Daesung singing rock just made my day and ‘With you’, the shows version of Laura Pausini’s ‘It’s Not Goodbye’ is (at least for me), much better than the original.
Jae-hun’s dilemma about telling Tae-yi about her father is a real one.
In other dramas, the couple breaks up over nonsense but here, he really can’t tell her and going out with her without telling her, is deceiving her.
Favorite moments 1 – Tae-yi can’t find her way anywhere.
Favorite moment 2 – Byung-Gun explains why he can’t prove that he is a good singer, even by recording himself sing.
Favorite moment 3 – Byung-Gun meets a ghost :’) .

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