Kwon Ji-yong (AKA G-dragon)

Since I found that the more I wait with posting this, the longer the post gets and I might never finish it, I am making things short-ish and sweet.
G-dragon is a box filled with wonders – A singer/song writer, producer, dancer, fashion icon, model, group leader.
There is the extravagant and flashy G-dragon who is full of confidence and there is Kwon Ji-yong, the shy guy who has a meltdown when he has to watch himself on the screen and who is in constant search of his true self.
The guy who started performing as a Five year old, who is easily embarrassed and is in great need of giving and receiving affection.
G-dragon is Ji-yong’s stage persona but it can be confusing to try and tell the two apart.
But wait… why should I try to tell them apart? It’s not as if there should be any difference for me, as a listener.
So put aside any silly idea that you might have about guys who are pretty as girls or wear feminine clothes and paint their nails.
It might be the real Jiyong or it might be a mask, we will never know because its non of our business but GD kicks ass, he is a smart and talented young man who knows a thing or Two about life.
But wait… what about his chin, his USB, his scandal…
Come on, we are all adults here, right? Let’s stop playing with kaka, alrighty?
Ji has attracting fire ever since he debuted, it’s because he always tries new things and people want the old, comfortable stuff, it’s because others have to constantly be compared with him and work harder, it’s because when a person dresses the way he wants to, some good souls might not like it.

Just listen to the music because the rest is just white noise.

Here is GD, singing his heart out. This song might not have found its way to the CD (or should I say USB?) because GD thought it was too personal.

Who am I, I am kwon-jiyong

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