The lover (2015)

The lives on Four unmarried couples who are living in an apartment house in the outskirts of Seoul is being documented over the period of 40 days.
Oh Do-si (35 years old) and Ryu Doo-ri (31 years old) live together in apartment number 609.
They both have temporary jobs, they have been dating for Five years and living together for Two.
Do-si is a good person, just a little childish at times and Doo-ri has little patience and can be very hard on him but they seem to like each other well enough, they just don’t want to get married.
They live the life of a married couple though and at times it looks as if the magic is gone from their relationship.
Apartment 610 houses Jung Young-joon and Choi Ji-nyeo, a couple who has been dating for Two years and living together for One.
Jung Young-joon is a 21 year old guitarist for an little known group, he doesn’t have any money and he lives with Choi Ji-nyeo, who is 33 years old, in her apartment.
Naturally, Young-joon is very immature and often teases Ji-nyeo about her age.
It looks like Ji-nyeo is aware of the fact that this relationship will not last forever.
Lee Joon-jae lives all alone in apartment 709, he hardly ever leaves his place.
He is shy and quiet and likes to live on his own but has to look for a roommate for financial reasons.
Enters Takuya, a very friendly, open and handsome Japanese guy who travels the world.
Joon-jae soon adjust to having another person in his place, especially since he starts falling in love with his seductive roommate.
Park Hwan-jong and Ha Seol-eun are a young couple who live in apartment 510.
They have been living together for only Seven days and already there are troubles in paradise.
Seol-eun is glutenous and selfish and as time goes by, Hwan-jong starts to realize that she might not be the right person for him (I’ve actually realized it from a very earlier stage).
What I didn’t like this series?
It only has 12 episodes but it took forever to finish it because the writing is not even.
Although it tries to be realistic (The character names are the actors real name, to create a more realistic feeling), there are scenes that can’t possibly happen in real life, like Takuya almost killing Joon-jae with his farts (I guess that it was supposed to be funny but I am not a fan of this kind of cheap humor) and Do-si’s attempts to take an unflattering photo of Doo-ri.
If you want to be realistic, be but if you want to roam into fantasy, you are confusing me a little bit.
Plus, there is great focus on Doo-ri and Do-shi, Young-joon and Ji-nyeo and the rest of the couples get very little attention.
For me, even th characters that you get to see more, were under developed and I didn’t really get attached to any of them.
Why I liked this series?
There is a gay couple. It’s the second time (not counting all the bromances that you get to see) that I’ve seen gay men in series.
Despite the fact that you can hardly see them, because the Two main couples, dominate the story-line and despite the fact that they spend most of the time, being evasive, it’s still takes some courage to decide to place Two gay man as a legit couple, among the others.
They are just the most interesting couple there, I’ve seen many comment from people who liked them better than the others, so it’s strange that they ended up with such a small slice of screen time.
As a whole, you can watch this series to pass the time and Takuya and Jae-joon are really cute :).
Favorite moment 1 – Do-si and Doo-ri are making spicy Ramen 😀 .
Favorite moment 2 – A blanket shaking contest :D. This is a brilliant scene.
Favorite moment 3 – Young-joon’s and Pung’s fight over the remote control.
Favorite moment 4 – Young-joon returns to take his old pair of Jeans, I must admit that I cried.

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