Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo or Yeokdo-yojeong Gim Bok-ju (2016 – 2017)

Kim Bok-joo is a 21 year old weightlifter and gold medalist who attends a sports university.
Bok-joo’s mother died when she was young and she is brought up by her father, Kim Chang-gul, who owns “Bok chicken” restaurant.
Chang-gul’s younger brother, Kim Dae-ho helps at the restaurant and is also an actor.
Jung Joon-hyung, who attends the same university is a talented swimmer with a trauma that stand in his way to success.
The rhythmic gymnastic team and the weightlifter team are bitter enemies and when a rhythmic gymnast, blames the weightlifters for stealing their clothes and Kim Bok-joo’s lucky T-shirt disappears, things get out of hand.
Joon-hyung almost runs over Bok-joo with his bike and then drops a lacy handkerchief on the grass, which Bok-joo finds and keeps.
When the girls discover that a pervert has been stealing their clothes, Bok-joo blames Joon-hyung, because of the handkerchief but after the real pervert is found, Bok-joo has to admit that she has wrongly accused Joon-hyung and return returns his handkerchief.
They both suddenly remember that they once studied in the same elementary school for a short while and Bok-joo even saved Joon-hyung’s life when he was fell out of his class’ window and landed on her.
From then on, Joon-hyung starts annoying and pestering Bok-joo.
Song Shi-ho is senior at the university and rhythmic gymnast with a silver medal,
To her dismay, Bok-joo has to share her room with Shi-ho, who apart from being a gymnast and therefor, a weightlifter’s nemesis, is also Joon-hyung’s ex girlfriend.
Shi-ho’s relationship with Joon-hyung, got in the way of her gymnastic career and so she broke up with him, at a difficult time in his life.
After he has helped her and sheltered her from the rain with his umbrella, Bok-joo falls in love with Jung Jae-yi, a doctor who works as a dietitian and Joon-hyung’s older brother.
Despite the fact that she can’t possibly go on a diet if she wants to compete and win weightlifting contests, Bok-joo decides to join Jae-yi’s advertised diet program as an excuse to see him.
Joon-hyung has fun teasing and tormenting Bok-joo, even more so after he discovers that she likes his brother.
Bok-joo is doing great and is losing weight but then, her coacher decides that she has a chance of winning a medal if she gains a few kilos and joins the 63 Kilos class.
Bok-joo would have jumped at the chance to eat more at any other time but gaining weight goes against the diet program that she is on because she wants to meet Jae-yi.
Meanwhile, Shi-ho is desperately trying to control the uncontrollable and natural process of getting older and having a woman’s body.
Frustration and stress makes her sleepwalk and binge eat.
Her parents, who have been supporting her despite being poor, decide to get a divorce, her coach is not pleased with her and criticize her mistakes.
Si-ho, who needs someone to lean on, desperately tries to get back with Joon-hyung, who is not interested in her anymore.
Jung Nan-hee is small, chubby and chatty and is the “expert” when it comes to guys.
Lee Seon-ok is tough and silent, the two are weightlifters, roommates and Bok-joo’s best friends.
Go Ah-young is Jae-yi’s best friend, she has been in love with him for years.
Jo Tae-kwon is Joon-hyung’s roommate and best friend.
Yoon Deok-man is the weightlifting team’s coach, he is so devoted to the team that despite his poor financial state, he tries to support the team by buying them food with his own money.
Choi Sung-eun is the weightlifting team’s assistent coach.
She is a strong and confident person who cares deeply about the team members and Deok-man.

Here is the annoying thing. In almost every drama that I’ve watched, there is the career driven ex-girlfriend, who ends the relationship all of a sudden and then comes back and demands to continue the relationship, as if nothing has happened.
Most times, it happens right when her ex-boyfriend has found a new girl that he is happy with.
Here, at least, Shi-ho feels bad about what she is doing and is aware of the fact that since she was the one responsible for destroying her relationship, she has no one to blame but herself.
I also really didn’t like the way Bok-joo was forced to eat, after her coaches found out that she was going to the diet clinic.
Sung-eun even hits here, which is unacceptable.
I can understand the anger because both her father and the coaches have invested so much in her and she is the hope for a medal and blah blah blah but hitting a student because you think that he did something wrong and you are disappointed in him? Force feeding him huge amounts of food? I didn’t like that one bit.
I also didn’t like the fact that someone as beautiful and healthy as Bok-joo decides to go on a diet but at least, she was doing it because she wanted to see her first love and she didn’t go on one of these crazy diets on her own but was under a doctor’s supervision.
From what I’ve read on Wikipedia, this series was a commercial failure, which proves that not every good series is a success.
The actors are good, the writing (apart from a few glitches… I mean, A kid is falling out of the window and lands on another kid and none of them is hurt?)is very good and I think that this is one of the most believable and natural relationships that I’ve ever seen in a series.
I liked this series, it’s sweet and heartwarming.
Favorite moment 1 – Jung Nan-hee is taking a drunken selfie and disturbing people at the pub.
Favorite moment 2 – Bok-joo infects Joon-hyung with her cold.
Favorite moment 3 – Joon-hyung tries to cheer Bok-joo up by taking her to dinner and a club.
Favorite moment 4 – “Kim Boj-joo, swag.” 😀
Favorite moment 5 – An angel and a devil in the amusement park.
Favorite moment 6 – Bok-joo finds Joon-hyung floating in the pool.

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