Watching “Weekly idol” is a great way to get to know new… well, idols :).
Bolbbalgan4 is a duo, a great duo of two slightly awkward, young women who really know how to write songs and perform them.
Woo Ji-yoon plays the guitar and bass guitar, she also raps and sings back-vocals while Ahn Ji-young provides the main ones.
The studio version and the live ones that I’ve heard are really good and they are not signed to one of the big companies so good for them for making it.
I must say that a little part of my affection for these two, derives from the fact that they do not dance.
As much as watching your idols dance on stage when singing is fun and cool, it is also very hard for the singer.
For me, it spoils part of the fun of listening, since you can never know if the show could have been better, had the singer been standing in one spot instead of dancing.
Other than that, I don’t know how to dance so it makes me really relate to these two and love them ever better for it :D.

Here’s the horribly cute video of “Tell me you love me”.
My absolute favorite part of this song, is the modulation that comes strangely and surprisingly enough at the end of the song.

Here is a live performance of the same song.

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