Fans and the idol’s right for privacy

Fans are a fascinating subject that I intend to write more about and it’s taking me a very long time, because there are all kinds of fans and also because I have no intention to hurt anyone but I also get so angry about people who probably fancy themselves to be really devoted fans and great lovers of someone, when in fact, it is only their selfish needs that they think about.
We can start off again with T.O.P, frankly because I’ve been following his Instagram account and was exposed to quite a few fans who have lost the fine line between being a fan and being rude and shameless.

Let us begin a few months ago, when T.O.P has posted a black image with a crying smiley and a plea to some fans to please stop ringing his doorbell at night because it frightens him so.
Now, ringing someones doorbell and running away, is something that kids do, so my first assumption was that these were silly fan girls who have lost their minds and thought that bothering their favorite singer in the middle of the night is a fun thing to do.
I’m pretty sure that they didn’t mean any harm but there are fans all over the world who are obsessive and dangerous and you can never know what they will do. How are you supposed to distinguish these fans from the regular ones and assume that the ones ringing your doorbell are up to no harm?
Plus, if someone was to ring your doorbell in the middle of the night, what would you think as you stumble out of bed in your pajama and run to the door, half asleep?
“Oh, these are my cute fans, who want to see me just for a second because they love me so”? or “Oh my god, who can it be at this time of night? I hope that nothing has happened to my mother/father/sister/nephew/friends.”

If this were a one time thing, then I guess that he wouldn’t have bothered but since this went on and on, he has decided to write about it and beg them to stop.
Alas, there are fans who do not know the limit and think that because they buy CDs and show tickets, they own their idol and so they can do as they please with him and he is supposed to accept it with love.

After this has happened, I saw an old post about GD, who was stalked by some fans at his house and was so frightened, that he fell down.
My guess is that these fans, thought that it was really funny and cute and perhaps even managed to snap a few photos of him.

One day after T.O.P’s plea, Gd’s private Instagram account was hacked into and fans actually shared his private photos.
Fans… perhaps ‘fans’ is not the right word anymore?
After than, there was much talk about privacy and the right that these idols have to it and the need to respect it on-line and in RL.
Quite a few fan Instagram accounts, have announced that they were not going to share GD’s private photos and there was a hunt after the ones who did.
Not all fans are alike, some of them really respect and love their idols but some think of themselves as fans but think only of themselves.

T.O.P has enlisted to the army on the 9th, he posted many images of himself before, to please his fans and say goodbye and then after he has chosen to enlist secretly, without fans nor media activities before, he said that he wants his enlistment to be low-key and quiet and so he asks the fans understanding even if he goes without saying goodbye.
That very same night, when I checked my Instagram account, I was greeted by a photo of fans and at least one camer crew, waiting for T.O.P at the training military base.

I went to bed angry and then got up to images and videos of lonely T.O.P, all wrapped up in a long coat, the hood pulled over his face, walking all alone.

This was not a documentation of someone who wants to meet other people but of someone who wants to have his privacy, just as he has asked.

I well remember this moment of saying goodbye and getting on the bus, as one of the saddest and scariest moments of my life. I was an unknown 18 year old girl.
I really don’t want to know what went through T.O.P’s mind in these moments.
You are going towards the unknown, you are surrounded by strangers, you are famous and you really don’t want to stand out more than you already do and if you are shy, sensitive, used to having you own space and someone picks on you because of these fans… I really would rather not think about it.

You really don’t want anyone to take your photo at this moment. You did ask for them not to be there and let you go in peace.
They did not respect your wishes.
For some reason, respecting your wish and privacy, wasn’t as important as getting a snapshot of you, saluting.
For some reason, flying huge helium balloons over a military base, was very important.

These idols work so hard, they go through so much for their fans. They really try to please them by doing fan service and having fan meetings, in which they have all kinds of silly games and wear all kinds of silly clothes.
When they think that they have offended someone, they apologize.
They have cameras, following them everywhere, documenting every step that they take and they are trying to always be kind to their fans, even when the fans are pushy and rude.
Where on earth, other than Asia, do fans get this kind of attention and treatment?
After being treated so kindly, they couldn’t even respect his wish and just had to be there with their balloons and cameras.
I will not even go into the fact that flying anything over a military base is a bad, bad idea.

Today, I even got to see one of these women, saying that they left everything in order when they left. As if it even matters.
Had he wanted, he could have said goodbye, there would be many fans there and also media but he wanted to enlist secretly.
So yes, he did ask you not to be there and he did it so nicely but since you wanted to “show support”, you didn’t care about what he has asked you for because, frankly, he didn’t want any fans there but obviously, since he knows you so well, he wouldn’t mind if YOU were there.
Let’s face it, you wanted to be there so that you will have photos to share with the people on your fan page. You wanted to be the one who will update other people as to how it was and then people might think that you are really lucky to be there and you will feel good about having such a close imaginary relationship with your idol.
For shame. what were these disrespectful women thinking? What’s for sure is that they weren’t thinking of T.O.P at all.

Saying all this, there are also great fans.
Fans who will not spread photos of T.O.P as he didn’t want to be seen, fans who miss him and not because they can’t leave comments on his posts, in hope of getting noticed, fans who respect his privacy.

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