Puberty: between winter and spring or Spring to winter or 사춘기 : 겨울과 봄 사이

This is a short musical movie, release by AKMU in January 2017, to promote their full album Spring Vol. 2.
The film shows an imaginary scenario in which the brother and sister fight and decide to part ways.
Chan-hyuk decides to shoot a new music video with the first person who passes by and is captured in the lens of his camera and Su-hyun wanders off and finds a handsome boy that she thinks that she likes.
The movies has snippets of their new album and is just sweet and funny but also a bit scary and weird.
Chan-hyuk is to enlist to the army right after AKMU’s comeback, I’m sure that Su-hyun will have no problem finding people to sing with but I will miss these two until they get back together again.

Here is the link to the short movie, I’m only posting it here because the movie was uploaded to AKMU’s official YouTube channel.
Watch the movie, buy the CD, they are a wonderful duo.

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