G-dragon videobombing :)

Videobombing according to Wikipedia is “the phenomenon of an unexpected appearance in a video of individuals who were not intended to be there by the operator of the camera or the individuals being filmed. The act of inserting oneself into someone else’s video is often done in order to play a practical joke on the cameraman or his subjects, and sometimes in a deliberate attempt to create a video that could go viral.”
Wikipedia on videobombing

Have you been watching a video and saw in the corner of your eye, someone familiar who didn’t really belong there?
It looks like G-dragon likes to videobomb YG artists videos.
I’ve found four of these and I bet that there are more around, I will add to this page if and when I find more.

The first video is 2NE1’s debut song, “Fire” (The street version).
You can totally miss that moment, when DG appears, dancing happily, just behind Minzy.
What was he doing there with this funny hat? Perhaps he was passing by and jumped into the frame?


I must admit that it wasn’t for the comments on this video, I would never have seen him there.
Watch as he plays the annoying brother at 03:16 😀 .

The second one is PSY’s “Hangover”.
This time, GD emerges from nowhere with a mic in his hang, mute singing god knows what, and waiting to sign an autograph for fan boy, Snoop dogg 😛 .


Watch him, as he appears, between Snoop dogg and PSY at 02:54 .

I guess the Taeyang’s “Ringa Ling” is not exactly videobombing but more of a “Hello, I’m here for my bro, listen to this cool song that I’ve written for him.”
Still… here he is again.


Taeyang looks mighty fine with that horse mane on his head.
This car with GD in it, appears more than once but the first appearance is at 01:19.

Last but not least, Daesung’s (AKA D-LITE) trot hit, “Look at me Gwisun”.
This is also more of a guest appearance than photobombing (again, it’s G-dragon who has written the song) and more so than in “Ringa Linga” but it’s still unexpected, plus Daesung is so amazingly funny here, that I just had to add this clip to the list.


The girls jump all over GD at 01:46.
Come on girls, Daesung has all of his original facial parts and he’s so adorable, give him a chance.

Do you know of any other such videobombing made by the dragon? Do tell and if suitable, I will add them to this page.

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