Two versions – Eyes, nose, lips (Taeyang)

Yet again, three versions of the same song (although there at least three more versions that I didn’t include).
Let’s start off with the original version.
Darling Taeyang, singing a heart breaking love song to the woman that he is no longer with.
*Taeyang has admitted that he has written this song (co-written the lyrics with Teddy) about a woman that has broken his heart so it’s no wonder that he is so convincing.
Why does he have to be shirtless though? In any case, he looks great.

The second version is one that I really like.
The performers are the ever so adorable and talented AKMU.
These two are so talented that every cover version that they do (that I’ve listened to so far) equals and sometimes even surpasses the original. They add their own special flavor to the songs that they cover.
I love the way starts with no intro, Chanhyuk’s and Suhyun’s improvisations and their beautiful harmonies.

Taeyang’s original version is sad, AKMU’s version has a sort of sad but sweet vibe and then comes Tablo and shows everyone how to take a song which was written by someone else and make it your own.
Tablo has written English lyrics for the song and although Taeyang is featuring in this song, he takes the back seat here.
It’s still a song about a breakup but now it’s kind of creepy and quite dark.
“You wish me well,
I wish you hell.”
I think that this version captures well the bitterness and hate that a person can feel towards his ex, especially if she has moved on, while he still agonises over her and this bad relationship, that has left him scarred for life (or at least until he falls in love again).
Also, in the original version, it is clear that it’s the singer takes the blame for the end of the relationship(he speaks of being obsessed and perhaps hurting his loved one, he feels guilty), while in Tablo’s version, he clearly blames her and not himself.
In one version there is longing and in the other there is resentment.
Two approaches to a relationship that has ended.

*In a recent episode of Radio star, Taeyang revealed that he has written this song about his girlfriend Jung Eun-ran(AKA Min Hyo-rin), when they were broken up for a while.
Now, the lyrics have somehow an even stronger meaning for me.

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