Reply 1988 or Answer Me 1988 or Eungdapara 1988 (2015)

Set in 1988, the year of the Olympic games in Korea, it’s the story of five best friends and the bonds between their five families, who live on the same block.
Sung Deok-sun is the only girl in the group and the middle child of her family.
As such, she always feels a little neglected.
Her older sister is mean her little brother is getting all the treats.
In 1988, Deok-sun feels special because she is one of three high-school girls who were picked to carry a team sign for the one of the teams in the Olympic games.
Deok-sun is just your average teen-age girl who likes to eat, sleep, read girly magazines and is not into studying.
Sung Bo-ra is Deuk-sun’s older sister.
She is a brilliant university student and an idealist who fights for the things that she believes in, no matter the risk.
Sung No-eul is the youngest son of the family but hew looks almost as old as his father :D.
As the youngest, he sticks his nose where he shouldn’t :D. He has a surprisingly lovely singing voice.
Lee Il-hwa is Deok-sun mother.
She is a housewife who spends her day, taking care of the house and her three kids.
Sung Dong-il is Deok-sun’s father.
He works as an fraud investigator at the Hanil bank but despite the fact that it’s a stable job, the family is in debt and has to live in a half basement house.
Dong-il likes to drink and despite being poor, when drunk, he buys things from other poor people that he wants to help, while Il-hwa, struggles to keep house and feed the family, with what little is left.
He doesn’t seem to realize that he is in the same state as the poor people that he is trying to help.
Jang Mi-ok is Deok-sun’s high-school friend. Her father is a self made rich man who is very strict and scary.
Wang Ja-hyun is another high-school friend. She dreams of having a boyfriend and reads romantic novels along with Deok-sun.
Both Mi-ok and Ja-hyun convince Deok-sun that one of her best friends is in love with her.
Sung Sun-woo is the president of the student council.
His father has died and he’s devoted to his mother and his little sister, Jin-joo.
Sun-woo is a sensitive and caring guy who has a crush on the most unexpected person, he is the proof that patience, dedication and persistence is the way to go when you want to win someone’s heart .
Kim Sun-young is Sun-woo’s loving mother.
With the little money that she has, after her husband has died, she struggles to support her son and her daughter, while her cruel mother-in-law is trying to make life difficult for her.
Kim Jung-hwan doesn’t show his feeling and likes to tease his friends, but nevertheless he is a loyal and loving friend.
Ra Mi-ran is Jung-hwan’s seemingly fearless and strong mother.
Kim Sung-kyun, her husband is a cheerful fellow who is always singing and joking around, his tasteless jokes get on his wife’s nerves as is his tendency to be frugal when it comes to buying new things and getting rid of the old, despite the fact that they are really well off.
Kim Jung-bong is Jung-hwan’s older brother, a guy who is more into eating and playing arcade games than studying.
He pretends to study because he wants to make his parents happy but he fails the university entrance exams time and again.
Jung-bong has a lot of knowledge about life hacks that help his family and friends but he is no good when it comes to studying.
Choi Taek is a genius at Baduk Go) and wins contests all over Asia but when he’s not competing, he is so clueless that he doesn’t even know how to open a Yogurt by himself or eat with chopsticks.
Since he started competing professionally, he had to quite school and his only friends are the four kids who live on his block. They take care of him and keep him safe, especially Deok-sun who fights with Dong-ryong as she tries to keep Taek’s innocence :D.
Taek’s mother has died and he lives alone with his dad.
Choi Moo-sung is Taek’s dad who is also a friend of Sun-young’s brother.
Sun-young is the one who has convinced Moo-sung to move to the neighborhood after his wife’s death.
Moo-sung has a clock shop and he lives a quiet and lonely life, with only his son and his neighbors to keep him company.
Ryu Dong-ryong is bespectacled wiseass who always has “great” ideas that gets everyone in trouble.
He likes movies, dancing and singing.
Both his parents work and his misses his mother’s attention and is dead afraid of his father. So afraid that he often sleeps in the study room or at a friend’s house instead of going home.
Ryu Jae-myung is Dong-ryung’s frightening father who is also the dean of the school where Dong-ryung studies and ends up being his teacher.
The five families are very close, they help and support each other in their time of need and form together, one big warm, funny and strange family.
It’s a sweet series. The actors are good, it’s very well written and is just a joy to watch.
Apart from the main characters, there are other great actors there like Kim Tae-hoon who makes a cameo appearance as a surgeon on episode 8 .
Favorite moment 1 – The five kids are running around between houses while exchanging food in exchange for other food.
At last, after a couple of hours, the annoyed Jung-hwan, wonders why they don’t cook and eat all together.
Favorite moment 2 – No-eul returns from school and opens the door to find his two sisters fighting: “I’m back… off to school.” (Closes the door hastily) 😀 .
Favorite moment 3 – A crowded bus ride ends up with Jung-hwan’s torn shirt 😀 .
Favorite moment 4 – Dong-ryong “fixes” Taek’s walkman .
Favorite moment 5 – Deok-sun takes care of Taek, while he is in one of his contests in China.
Favorite moment 6 – Sung-kyun is “fixing” the iron and the hair-dryer 😀 .
Favorite moment 7 – Dong-il Says goodbye to Bo-ra. This is one of the small moments that makes me love this series.

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