Two versions – Rainy blue

I’m going to post a few “Two versions” posts because I’ve been listening to quite a few bands and singers and I always look for different versions of the same songs.
I love listening to different interpretations and musical and vocal arrangements.
First here is SHINee’s lovely Onew singing and the elf king, Taemin, accompanying him on the piano.
It’s a very touching song and Onew’s version is emotional but not too emotional, that’s why the end comes as such a surprise.
In any case, Onew has a great, clear and powerful voice and by what I’ve heard, he had an operation and couldn’t speak nor sing for a couple of months and then had to practice really hard so this performance gets a thousand thumbs up from yours truly.

The second version is the original writer and performer of this song, Hideaki Tokunaga.
It’s true that I prefer to post the original version first and then compare the other versions to it but hell, the cover version was so touching that I’ve decided to keep the original until later on.
The song is originally from a record by the same name, which was release in Japan in 1986 but I don’t know when this performance took place.
As you can clearly hear, Hideaki Tokunaga’s version is less delicate, more wild than Onew’s version and of course, he takes a bit of liberty with the rhythm and melody.

Lainy blue hooo hoo hoo hoo 🙂 .
I love both versions, which one do you like best?

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