Lucky romance or Unppal romaenseu (2016)

It’s a story of superstition, fate and (of course) true love.
Shim Bo-nui is a young woman who, although being smart and pretty, has a long history of misfortune.
Her superstitious tendencies are flamed further by a fortune-teller who makes her believe that she is bringing disaster on anyone who gets close to her.
She surrounds herself with lucky charms and spreads salt and red beans for good luck, wherever she goes.
During her work as a cleaning lady (which is only one of her occupations), she meets Je Soo-ho, the young president of a game developing company called “Zeze factory”.
Soo-ho, who was already a mathematical genius at the tender age of five, has a fear of crowds and water, after being brought up by an unfeeling father and a selfish mother.
He doesn’t really like people and is very lonely.
He runs ‘Zeze Factory’ a game developing company and when two of her trusted developers, steal a game that was just about to be launched and disappear, he has to find an new game and pronto.
When Bo-nui’s sister, Bo-ra, who is in coma in the hospital for several years, has to go through a dangerous operation, Bo-nui turns to her fortune-teller, Mr. Ko, and he tells her that in order to save her sister’s life, she needs to sleep with a guy who was born in the year of the tiger.
Bu-nui is so superstitious that she doesn’t even dare be in the same room with her sister and is watching her with binoculars, from the rooftop of her building.
During her desperate and drunken search for such a man, she bumps into Soo-hoo yet again and he ends up taking her home and tucking her in.
Won Dae-hae is Bo-nui’s boss in ‘Daebak softwear’, a small game developing company.
Dae-hee is in in debt and a drunk, not the right person to count on and when he doesn’t show up to a presentation of IF, a new game, Bo-nui is forced to deliver it, dressed in a custom.
shortly after, and still wearing her costume, she is urgently called by her friend, Lee Dal-nim, who works at ‘Zeze Factory’, to fix a bug in the game.
When Soo-ho sees her, he thinks that she is an industrial spy.
Choi Geon-wook (AKA Gary) is a successful tennis player who has been living and playing abroad for 15 years, now that he is in Korea again, he is busy searching for his first childhood love, Bo-nui and finds her in her old house.
He overhears her conversation with her landlady and starts paying her rent and then moves to the apartment next door.
Sadly though, Bo-bui doesn’t seem to remember him.
She does agree to go out and eat with him, after he tells her that he was born in the year of the tiger.
Han Seol-hee (AKA Amy) is the regional director of the Korean branch of “IM sports”, the company where Geon-wook is signed, she is also Soo-ho’s first love.
After applying for a job at ‘Zeze factory’ and succeeding in the hacking test that she was given, when all the others fail, Bo-nui leaves the company and doesn’t answer telephone calls thus forcing Soo-ho to come over to her apartment and offer to buy IF.
Bo-nui tells her that he has to speak with her boss and when he does, Dae-hae says that he will sell the game but only if Bo-nui will be one of its developers and so, Bo-nui starts working at “Zeze factory”.
Han Ryang-ha is Soo-ho’s best friend and adviser and also a share holder on “Zeze factory”. He also runs the restaurant in the building.
While Soo-ho slowly opens up and falls for Bo-nui, Amy finds that she still has feelings for him and Gary is busy trying to win Bo-nui’s heart.
Despite the fact that quite a few very strange things happen (as they usually do, in these dramas), I love the fact that there the relationship between Bo-nui and Soo-ho is moving forward slowly.
Here is a riddle for you, can you solve it? Why does Bo-nui keep on rejecting Soo-ho? She likes him and he is obviously crazy about her, he has told her that he thinks about her so why, despite neglecting Gary to be with him, does she reject him when she really wants to be with him?
Poor Gary, he invests time and thought in Bo-nui and is then always disappointed when she rejects him but really, she did tell him that she is not interested so why does he continue?
He is really trying but there is always something that gets in the way.
Hwang Jung-eum is so cute and cool when she is not screaming her head off, like she did in “Kill me, heal me”. Had she played there, like she plays here, it would have been a perfect series.
Ryu Jun-yeol is a great actor, it took me some time to get over his silicon infused lips but he really grew on me and his bursts of boyish happiness were just adorable.
It’s a sweet, sweet series and the relationship is very believable but I really wished that the writers will not make the comfortable mistake of separating the loving couple for the classic year period because of some silliness.
Favorite moment 1 – Bo-nui walks down the street, drunk and asks every tree and pole when they were born.
After running into Soo-ho, she grabs him in desperation and doesn’t let go. It’s the funniest thing :D.
Favorite moment 2 – Amy convinces Soo-ho to go for a run with her and be her friend, by using a headlock on him :D.
Favorite moment 3 – Soo-ho checks internet website in order to find what happens to a man who likes a woman :D.
Favorite moment 4 – Soo-ho sends Bo-nui emoticons, sadly these are just random emoticons that mean nothing to her 😀 .
Favorite moment 5 – Soo-ho’s mother is at his place, after Ryang-ha gave her the password for the entrance code.
Soo-ho then tries to get home as fast as he can, that jump into the cab was epic :D.
Favorite moment 6 – Soo-ho is celebrating in his room, so cute ❤ .
Favorite moment 7 – Soo-ho is turning Jo Yoon-Bal's volume down 😀 .

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