The strange case of “Kill me, Heal me”and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” (2015)

I’ve watched “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” a while back and although it was watchable, it wasn’t amazing, despite the cool plot and Hyun Bin in the lead.
I saw a few comments about how similar the plot is, to another series – “Kill me, heal me” but I didn’t have the time to watch it… up until a while ago.
When checking the airing dates, I was amazed to discover that the two series weren’t just suspiciously similar but they also aired during the same months of the same year:
“Kill me, heal me”, an MBC show, was aired between 7.1.2015 – 12.3.2015 and “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”, an SBS show, was aired between 21.1.2015 – 26.3.2015.
For those of you who do not know, the two series, tell the story of a rich heir, who lives his life secluded from people because of dissociative identity disorder (or as it is better known – multiple personality disorder).
In “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”, Gu Seo-jin has two personalities to deal with, one is the kindhearted Robin, who wins the heart of Jang Ha-na and Terry, a dangerous psychopath.
I felt that other than being a real good guy, there wasn’t much to Robin.
The character wasn’t that well developed and I wasn’t attached to him.
As for Terry, we didn’t really get to know him at all (and perhaps it was better this way, since you really don’t want to see your leading man murdering someone).
The end was sad indeed, as I didn’t feel that there was a real connection between the two main characters and Ha-na was quite in love with poor Robin who was a far better choice for her than the cold and selfish Seo-jin.
In “Kill me, heal me”, there are six personalities so there is more to see and they dedicate a few episodes to each one of them.
I love Hyun Bin but I must admit that Ji Sung kicks ass, he is simply great as the plain and gray Do-hyun and also as the six personalities which dominate his life.
As for the women, although a resident psychiatrist who falls in love with her patient is a better choice than a circus artist, sadly, it looks like dear Ri-jin is busier with screaming and being hysterical, rather than taking care of Do-hyun.
I did like the fact that Robin had a whole life with a real job and a fan club, non of the characters in “Kill me, heal me” had a real job and although Yu-sob and Yo-na are high-school students, I really don’t think that they ever really went to school (especially not Yo-na, with her skirt over a pair of pants).
HJM is based on a web-toon, which was created by Lee Chung-ho (who is also the creator of series)and first published in 2011.
Lee has accused Jin Soo-wan, HMKM’s writer, of stealing his original idea for the show which, I must say, looks like a legitimate accusation.
Perhaps, Soo-wan just happened to have an idea for a great show, based on a web-toon that he has read once, years ago but the fact that the two shows were created at almost the same time, rises the unpleasant feeling that Soo-wan was trying to ride on Lee’s wave and to use his original idea as his own.
On the other hand though, a great idea is still just a great idea, until someone comes along and makes it into reality and I must say that I personally (despite my great love for Hyun “I am perfection” Bin), like “Kill me, heal me” much better.
What do you think? Which one do you like better?

‘Kill Me’ accused of copying ‘Hyde’

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