Two versions – Auditory hallucination (Kill me, heal me)

Yay for great theme songs that you can listen to again and again (and again).
I must say that this is the best theme song that I’ve heard so far. The combination between the rap part and the softer, ballad that comes after it, makes me think (naturally, I think) of Shin Se-ki, the coolest of the cool.
It’s tough but also very moving, like the bad boy who likes his eye-liner and leather jacket and has no problem punching people but also cries when he kisses the girl that he likes.
Here are the great lyrics.

And here is the great song:

Here is also the instrumental version.

Can you see how important the singing voices are, when listening to this track right after listening to the full version? It’s still a great musical piece but the power of the singers is missing.

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