One sunny day or Joh-eun Nal (2014)

When brokenhearted Kim Ji-ho is sent to Jeju island, he is robbed of his wallet. The thief has also stolen a girl’s cellular phone.
Ji-ho and the girl meet at the police station and then spend the day together, since he needs her money and she needs his cellular phone.
They end up at the same hostel, living next to each other and slowly, they grow closer.
It’s a short series, just ten episodes of about 13 minutes each.
I liked it, there was something natural and calm, despite the sadness.
One thing that I didn’t understand though was the parting scene at the bus station. It’s obvious that she like him and he likes her but he let’s her go after she tells him that she likes him, why?
So Ji-sub is his usual handsome and quiet self and Kim Ji-won is a good actress and she also has amazing skin, it’s flawless.
Favorite moments 1 – The girl opens the bathroom door at the hostel, right when Ji-hon is taking a shower.
Later on, when the two meet, Ji-hon is trying to play it cool but is so embarrassed that he almost falls down when he tries to put his shoes on in a hurry.
Favorite moment 2 – When the girl is sick, Ji-hon brings her medicine and leaves it at the entrance to her room, he also leaves an umbrella, in case she would need to go out and then he gets caught in the rain, with no umbrella to save him from getting wet :).
Favorite moment 3 – Ji-hun goes to take a shower and finds a note from the girl on the door, she is having a shower and asks anyone who sees the note, not to come in.
Ji-hun decides to take his revenge for the time when she opened the door and caught him showering and he starts knocking on the door and turning the handle while smiling a devilish smile.

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