One more happy ending or Hanbeon deo haepiending (2016)

A couple meets, gets married and as most couples do, tries to start a family.
They are very much in love but conceiving problems, makes the woman draw away from her husband and their relationship.
When at last they have a son, the relationship is in such a state that the woman uses the kid as an excuse not to sleep with her husband anymore.
When she gets sick, the husband sees an opportunity to get close to her again.
What an interesting story, what a cute couple but sadly, the writers didn’t think that this story was good enough to focus on as the main one :/ .
Instead, here is our main character, Han Mi-mo, a divorcee and a former member of the very popular girl group, “Angels”.
Mi-mo owns “courageous weddings”, a company which specializes in match-making for divorced couples.
After two years of dating, she think that her chef boyfriend is going to propose but instead, he breaks with her in a text message while she is on her way to his restaurant.
When she arrives, she finds him dining with his new sweetheart, Goo Seul-ah who was also once a member of the “Angels”.
Seul-ah was mean, vain and selfish and also the most popular member of the group, which disbanded after Mi-mo has attacked her.
Rumors about Seul-ah’s secret love affair and possible pregnancy, made it to the press and two reporters are following her around.
One of them is Song Soo-hyuk, who bumped into Mi-mo before, when disguised at a woman and can’t bring himself to advertise the photographs of the heart-breaking scene between Mi-mo and her cheating boyfriend at the restaurant.
Later on, when Soo-hyuk thinks that Mi-mo is trying to drown herself after the breakup, he jumps into the ocean to save her life but sadly he can’t swim and the roles reverse as she saves him. That’s how they meet again.
The two just happen to live next door to each other and after drinking and sharing life stories, they remember that they went to elementary school together.
In fact, they both played the lead parts in “Romeo and Juliet” and due to a cruel trick, played on Soo-hyuk by a jealous classmate, he was struck by a horrible stomachache, just when he had to kiss his Juliet and has to run off stage.
After heavily drinking, Soo-hyuk drunkenly claims his lost Romeo kiss back from Mi-mo and then he suggests that they get married.
The witness to this alcohol induced insanity is Soo-hyuk’s friend, Doctor Goo Hae-joon.
The morning after, Mi-mo and Soo-hyuk wake up, each in his own apartment but with the vague memory of doing something really stupid during the night… if only they can remember what… oh right, they got married and now they have to figure out how to somehow reverse the process.
After a short inquiry, the happy couple discovers that the clerk, has decided not to register their form because, despite their insistence, they looked too drunk to think rationally and so, they never got married.
When Mi-mo is rushed to the hospital, she is being treated by Hae-joon and suddenly falls in love with him but her rejects her advances because he is sure that Soo-hyuk is in love with her and as he tells her, she is not special enough to come between him and his friend.
The truth is that Hae-joon had a crush on Mi-mo, ever since he was a student and she was in the “Angels”.
He was also in love with Soo-hyuk’s girlfriend (who later became his wife), Ahn Soon-Soo and was a resident at the hospital, when she died after giving birth to Song Min-woo.
Despite his rejection, Hae-joon decides to check with Soo-hyuk and when he is told that he is not interested in Mi-mo, the road is open for him.
Hae-joon goes to visit Mi-mo at “Courageous marriage and while he is vague enough for Mi-mo to run after him when he hands her an application for her match-making services and then leaves, Soo-hyuk makes his way to the agency to speak with Mi-mo about his feelings and is a witness to Hae-joon and Mi-mo hugging and realizes that he is a bit late.
Now Soo-hyuk has to struggle with his feelings towards Mi-mo, knowing that he is in love with his best friend’s girl.
Meanwhile, Mi-mo is getting friendly with Min-woo (who would like her to go out with his father) and learning that Soo-hyuk is not as childish and carefree as he looks.
The other members of the “Angels” kept in touch with Mi-mo and they are good friends.
Go Dong-mi who was once the least popular member of the “Angels” is now a school-teacher, praying for a handsome husband.
I must say that it would have been easier for her to find someone, had she bothered not to dress like an 80 year old woman or had bothered to do something with her messy hair but I am not the one who has created this strange character who, even when she finds the right guy for her, keeps on looking for ways to mess it up.
Baek Da-jung works with Mi-mo at “courageous weddings”.
Her marriage is on the rocks and she is worried about the influence that the problems at home, have on her only son, Kim Tae-yong.
She got married to Kim Gun-hak, and although they loved each other very much and her husband assured her that there was no reason to hurry, the stress to conceive, made Da-jung feel as if she wasn’t living up to the families expectations and isn’t a good enough wife and woman.
Five years have passed until she had Tae-yong but the stress and depression made her push Gun-hak away.
Now after seven years, Gun-hak wants to feel like a man again and demands a divorce.
Hong Ae-ran lives off her past fame as a member of the “Angels” and works as a model for an on-line shopping mall, despite the fact that she feels like she is really not in love and wants her freedom, she marries her boyfriend and then finds out that he is a player.
Woo Yeon-soo, Hae-joon’s ex-wife is a doctor who works with him at the same hospital.
They’ve met during their studies and it’s clear that he has never really loved her. His first gift for her was a cheap watch that he didn’t even buy.
This series starts of cute and amusing but then it turns out into something that can’t be classified as really good or really bad, it’s just Meah :/ .
Han Mi-mo’s boyfriend breaks with her and presto! she gets married to her childhood friend because she was drunk and didn’t know what she was doing.
Instead of learning her lesson and just taking it easy or dating Soo-hyuk, she rejects him and goes after his best friend who rejects her at first but keeps on acting really weird even after they are going out together.
For starters, this is the second woman (that we know of, there must have been more) that Soo-hyuk is in love with and the dear doctor decides to fall in love with, as well.
It’s true the Hae-joon didn’t know that Soo-hyuk was in love with Mi-mo but he knew enough to ask him if he can date her, so he suspected that there might be something more there.
As for Soon-Soo, he was her friend so he must have known that she is in love with Soo-hyuk but he tried to court her anyway.
This raises the suspicious that since Hae-joon doesn’t know how to love, he has decided to fall for the women that Soo-hyuk falls for, because he knows him to be a warm and loving person…. I might be giving the writers here too much credit where character’s motives are concerned but it really looked as if Hae-joon is angry at Soo-hyuk more than he is really in love with Mi-mo.
It’s as if he is determined to come out the winner out of this, no matter what. This time, she will love me and choose me over him. So childish.
Secondly, it looks like Hae-joon is not really that into Mi-mo, he is pushing her away, he seems awkward and cold when around her, even holding hands is a task for him and when he finally kisses her, it’s as a sign that she should shut her mouth and not speak of his ex-wife or about Soo-hyuk.
He wants to be with her but they are not doing anything together apart from watching movies but he gets really upset when he sees her with Soo-hyuk, as if he has invested all that he has in this relationship.
He doesn’t even notice when she is in pain or discomfort, what kind of a doctor is this? What kind of a boyfriend is this?
When Yeon-soo asks him why he likes Mi-mo, he answers that she makes him laugh.
Yeon-soon then rightly says, that his statement means that the relationship revolves around him and that’s what he cares about, himself and what he likes.
I think that the last straw for me was this sentence, said by the doctor, over lunch with Soo-hyuk:”I dated her because I didn’t mind and I married her because I didn’t care.”
So he didn’t even care about his girlfriend who then became his wife, he didn’t mind and then he didn’t care. What a lovable and attractive person he is.
I wonder what kind of treatment his patience are getting, he is so into himself that he can’t possibly show any compassion.
I also didn’t like Soo-hyuk’s reaction to this sentence, after being slightly shocked, he just keeps on drinking and smiling at his friend.
I am pretty sure that Hae-joon was actually in love with Soo-hyuk, he was so determined to have Mi-mo and then acted so weird around her and so angry around Soo-hyuk. It was almost as if he was getting back at him for being in love with her.
Making him gay, could have made a very interesting twist in the plot.
Other than that, it’s a forced attempt to produce drama where there isn’t one.
Supposedly it’s two best friends who love the same woman and she has to decide between the two of them but:
A – It’s obvious which one of them really loves her and which one doesn’t.
Dr. Goo has a cold heart, he is very reserved and was cold even to his wife.
He is like a robot, devoid of emotions but still, insists on making life hard for his girlfriend and for his best friend.
Come on, it’s not a real relationship, just let go bot NO, he insists on holding on and when he finally breaks up with her, he is trying to make it look as if it was her fault.
The reason why the relationship didn’t work is that it’s based on a shallow ground, there is nothing that it can grow on and plus, you already knew that she was in love with someone else.
Soo-hyuk is always there to save her, he thinks of her before he thinks of himself.
B – She is in love with Soo-hyuk.
The easier thing to do is just to break the non-existent relationship with Hae-joon and hook up with Soo-hyuk and any problem or barrier on the way is a false one.
She is not married to the guy and he treats her as if she owes him something.
As I’ve stated before, this could have been a great series, had they made Da-jung and Gun-hak the main characters. They have a beautiful story and are really cute together.
Kim Tae-hoon is great as the rejected husband and he has the sweetest smile, and Kim Dan-yul is surprisingly good for a kid.
Other than that, Jang Na-ra is adorable but what else is new?
Favorite moment 1 – Soo-hyuk spots Mi-mo on the beach, jumping into the ocean with her cloths on, in a desperate attempt to get back the necklace that her ex-boyfriend has given to her, days before and that she has thrown away in anger.
Soo-hyuk is sure that she wants to drown herself so he runs to the seashore and jumps into the water.
Sadly though, he doesn’t know how to swim and the rescuee becomes the rescuer 😀 .
Favorite moment 2 – Soo-hyuk wakes up after a night of drinking heavily and walks unsteadily from his bedroom into the kitchen.
He has slept with his suit on, so his shirt is half tucked into his pants, one of the bottoms is riding high on his leg and his hair is a mess.
Favorite moment 3 – Conan O’Brian is walking into “courageous weddings” to looks for a bride.
This is by far the most strange and random scene that I’ve ever watched. It doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t have a valid reason.
Still, it’s Conan, the giant red haired freak :D.
Favorite moment 4 – Soo-hyuk and Mi-mo are standing in the hallway next to Mi-mo’s door. Just as Soo-hyuk leans over to kiss her, the elevator doors open and Min-woo walks out.
Without thinking, Mi-mo pushes Soo-hyuk away so hard, that he stumbles towards his apartment and hits his head on the wall.
Favorite moment 5 – Da-jung and Gun-hak go to marriage camp and their instructor is a mad man :D.
Favorite moment 6 – Da-jung and Gun-hak stand in the corridor, next to Da-jung’s room and discuss the condition in which Gun-hak can sleep there again, when Tae-Yong comes out of the bathroom and passes between the two of them on his way back to bed. The two giggle like teenagers getting caught doing something naughty.
It was really cute.

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