My PS partner or Whatcha wearin’? or Naui P.S. pateuneo(2012)

Hyun-seun is sadly, still very much in love with So-yeon, his ex-girlfriend, despite the fact that some time has passed since their breakup.
After a party, where he found out that she was dating someone else and all of his friends knew about it and didn’t tell him. Hyun-seun drinks, goes a little wild and then wakes up at home to the sound of his cellular phone ringing.
On the other side of the line is a woman, and he surprisingly finds himself having telephone sex with her.
The woman is Yoon-jung, who wanted to call up her boyfriend but since she had to dial the numbers herself (it was a new phone and she did not save any phone numbers on it yet), she got one digit wrong and presto! She just had phone sex with a complete and utter stranger. How embarrassing is that?
Hyun-seun is sure that this was some kind of a new and improved sex service.
A few days pass and Yoon-jung and Seung-joon, her boyfriend, are having a nice dinner to celebrate their five year anniversary.
Yoon-jung is waiting for a wedding proposal and when Seung-joon leaves a nice box on the table, she is sure that it’s the ring but alas, it’s just a hair pin. What a disappointment.
Back at his boring job, Hyun-seun is daydreaming and remembering the way So-yeon ended their relationship because he wanted to pursue his musical career and she wanted him to get a paying job instead of living on her expense.
After an evening of drinking with friends, Hyun-seun calls up So-yeun but her new boyfriend answers the phone. Drunk and brokenhearted, after puking and crying his eyes out in the street, Hyun-seun calls up Yoon-jung’s number and starts shouting and cursing at her as a representative of all women and his ex-girlfriend in particular.
Yoon-jung who has been drinking herself, has no problem cursing him right back and then they find out that she called him by mistake that night and that he broke up with his girlfriend, with whom he is still in love.
After talking about their relationships and partners all night long, they become friends.
They start calling each other every day and get close, as they talk and have phone sex.
At one point, Hyun-seun suggests a meeting but Yoon-jung refuses and says that they can speak so frankly to each other only because they haven’t met.
After Yoon-jung realizes that the girl that she saw on the street, kissing her boyfriend, is not just a random woman but someone that he works with and after Hyun-seun goes on a date to the cinema where he sees So-yeon with her boyfriend, the two decide to meet.
The movie strives to be realistic and so people curse, fight, take their clothes off and in general, do things that are not always right or pretty to watch, as people often do.
The story is not a bad one, although I do miss some depth but it’s a movie and not a very long one.
There is a moment in the movie where both lead characters realize that although they both got what they wanted before they’ve known each other, things look a bit different now.
I would say that it’s a good movie but the adult stuff makes it a bit on the sleazy side, on the other hand though, I really don’t mind watching Ji Sung wearing nothing but boxer shorts.
Other than that, the man can sing and he is even performing live so Yay for being so talented.
Watch it if you don’t mind cursing, nudity and sex talk. Also Watch it if you want a good story and Ji Sung, just being his wonderful self.

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