Master’s Sun or Jugun-ui taeyang (2013)

At first, I thought that this series is just weird but in fact, it’s kind of a ghostly detective series.
Tae Gong-shil was a great student and a highly admired and loved girl, when she had a horrible accident.
She was in a coma for three years and when she woke up, she was able to see ghosts.
These spirits chase her around, ask for her help and she can’t sleep properly, keep a job or indeed, live her life normally.
Joo Joong-won is a rich and sour faced guy who owns a business empire, which includes the Kingdom mall. Money is what makes him tick.
Joong-won was abducted as a teenager, along with his girlfriend, Cha Hee-joo.
While being tied down and forced to read books, over the phone, so as to prove that he is still alive, he finds that Hee-joo is part of the abduction scheme. A fact that he never reveals to anyone.
This horrible experienced has left Joong-won so traumatized, that he can no longer read and he is so distrustful of people that he can’t stand being touched.
Gong-shil hitches a ride with Joong-won, one stormy night and then she discovers that the ghosts haunting her, disappear when she touches him.
This ray of hope, makes her determined to stay close to  and hold on to Joong-won, as often as she can, so that she can have some peace of mind.
Joong-won, on the other hand, can’t wait to get rid of her, since he really doesn’t believe in ghosts.
Gong-shil ends up finding a job at the Kingdom mall, as a cleaning lady and soon enough, notices that Hee-joo’s ghost is hanging around Joong-won.
As evidence starts to accumulate, Joong-won starts to trust Gong-shil and to see her as more than an opportunity to discover who was behind his abduction and getting the ransom money back.
Tae Yi-ryung is a model who represents the Kingdom mall and hotel, she is also the fiance of a successful football player.
When Gong-shil was still her old, adorable and shiny self and Yi-ryung was an unattractive nerd with greasy hair and braces on her teeth, they were school mates.
Since the two, share the same family name, the popular Gong-shil was nicknamed “Big sun”, while Yi-ryung was nicknamed “Small sun”.
When Gong-shil, accidentally ruins Yi-ryung wedding, she decides to take revenge by making Joong-won fall in love with her, but ends up falling in love with the head of the security team of the mall. Such is life :).
Kang Woo is the head of security at the Kingdom mall, he is also Gong-shil’s neighbor.
He claims to like Gong-shil but also tracks her.
Joo Sung-ran is Joong-won’s aunt who doesn’t like Gong-shil and is very possessive and controlling.
Do Seok-chul is Sung-ran’s young husband who is not as refined or smart as she is. He is the vice president of the Kingdom empire.
Tae Gong-ri is Gong-shil’s older, adorable sister who freaks out at the thought of being surrounded by ghosts.
Kim Gwi-do is Joong-won’s secretary who is very supportive of his relationship with Gong-shil.
Why is this series annoying? Because the story line is confusing, if two people are in love, why do they have to keep rejecting each other.
Yes, there should be some drama but hell, this is a show about a woman who can see ghosts, isn’t this dramatic enough?
The bit about the sisters is very confusing and not necessary as is the whole involvement of their sweet uncle.
The basic story is nice, with occasional funny bits but the chemistry between the actors is a bit off, perhaps because there isn’t enough interaction between them that doesn’t have to do with getting rid of ghosts?
As for the second couple, Kang Woo and Yi-ryung. It’s really unclear how and when Kang Woo moved from not liking her, to being her boyfriend.
Forcing a relationship between two characters, just because the audience wants to see it, can work at times but only when there is time to develop it. This was too drastic.
In one of the episodes, a soldier is forced by a vet, to put down the dog that he works with. Why? Where in the world is this a logical thing to do?
I do understand Gong-shil’s need to find out why she started seeing ghosts but why does it mean that her relationship with Joon-won must come to an end and why does he say that from that moment on, they are just two people who held hands and shared a meal? It’s obvious that they love each other so why the sudden goodbye?
Why is it nice? Because there are ghosts and because the actors are good. I also really liked the nice happy ending for the ghost of the young guy who loved coffee.
Favorite moment 1 – Joon-won is having a bit of a problem with getting his car to take him home.
Favorite moment 2 – Gong-shil is locked in a room with a ghost of a guy. When Joon-won comes to rescue her, he unlocks the door and Gong-shil is almost out, when the ghost’s grandmother, arrives and offers him a tempting financial collaboration that will take place if he keeps Gong-shil locked inside the room.
Joon-won shuts the door in Gong-shil’s face and keeps her in the room, while he listens to the grandmother’s offer but since the door has already been unlocked, Gong-shil opens it by herself and from that moment on, Joong-won stresses the fact that he wasn’t the one who set her free, therefor, the financial deal offer, still stands.
Favorite moment 3 – Kang Woo is taking Gong-shil on a date.
While strolling on the boardwalk by the Han river, an athletic looking ghost suddenly runs towards them.
In an attempt to escape him, Gong-shil asks Kang Woo to take her on a bike ride but the marathon ghost keeps on chasing her, even when she is riding on the bike.
At last, she agrees to help him and arranges for an unsuspecting couple to hold up a banner to mark the ending point of a race, as the marathon runner ghost completes the race and wins first place.
Favorite moment 4 – When visiting Gong-shil’s apartment, Joon-won discovers that she keeps Kang Woo’s beers in her fridge.
Gong-shil calmly tells him that Kang Woo, comes over to drink a beer on the roofm when he is done with his work.
Joon-woo is obviously jealous and when he is told to place the beers back in the fridge, he grabs two beers and shakes them with an annoyed look on his face, before placing them back in their place.
Favorite moment 5 – Joong-won says his goodbyes to Gong-shil and walks away.
He stops in the corridor, leans on the wall, realizes that even at the moment of parting, Gong-shil didn’t say that she loves him.
There is a beautiful shot of him from behind, covering his eyes as he cries and then he wipes away the tears and walks away.
Favorite moment 7 – Gong-shil spends the night at Joong-woo’s house, during the night she is being possessed by multiple ghosts, that Joong-won has to deal with :). I adored the cat one and the French girl is also pretty cool.

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