Descendants of the Sun or Taeyang-ui huye (2016)

Yoo Si-jin (Big boss), captain of the alpha team and sergeant Major Seo Dae-young (wolf) are best buds. They have the cutest bromance ever.
When helping to capture a motorcycle thief and then taking him to the hospital, the guys meet Dr. Kang Mo-yeon.
Despite the strong attraction between Si-jin and Mo-yeon, their world view is different as Si-jin is a soldier who kills people and Mo-yeon is a doctor who is busy saving people’s lives.
This plus the fact that Si-jin runs off from every date that they have, to secret missions that he can’t talk about, ends the relationship before it even really begins.
First Lieutenant Yoon Myung-ju is an army doctor and Mo-yeon’s rival, after a fight over the same guy during their internship.
Myung-ju is in love with Dae-young who is fighting his love for her because her father, Lieutenant General Yoon, does not approve of him and wants Si-jin to be his son in law.
When Mo-yeon refuses the sexual advances of the hospital’s chairman, she is sent as the head of a volunteering team of doctors to Urk, a disaster stricken area, where Si-jin is situated with his soldiers, as peace keepers.
Argos, a former American soldier who’s life was saved by Si-jin, has become a criminal and his gang is making the lives of the people of Urk, hell on earth.
Dr. Song Sang-hyun and nurse Ha Ja-ae have an adorable love/hate relationship.
Lee Chi-hoon is a first year resident who arrives to Urk full of idealism but when faced with difficult situations, he starts doubting himself.
After a horrible earthquake, Chi-hoon abandons an injured person that he finds in the ruins of a building and runs away, in fear of the building collapsing.
When the guy is rescued and hospitalized, Chi-hoon has to suffer his disdain and sinks into depression.
What can I say? The fact that the series was already completely written and shot when the first episode aired, is a huge plus because there was no pressure from the audience to change certain things.
The characters are interesting and amusing, there are some weak moments and the dear doctor becomes dependent on her hero to come and save her, which I dislike but I guess that no series is perfect.
The two Songs are amazingly beautiful, the cast is great (although, as usual, the English speaking actors are horrific) and it was fun to watch.
Just a note, the end doesn’t really look like the end and I’ve heard that there’s a possibility of a sequel.
Favorite moment 1 – Si-sin and Dae-young are having coffee with two stuffed animal dolls sitting next to them.
Favorite moment 2 – Si-jin, who has been suspended from his position as captain.
He is bored and so he omegas head down from the window of a building, to say hello to his good buddy, Dae-young.
Favorite moment 3 – The nurses and Mo-yeon, are watching mesmerized, as the hunky soldiers run by, bare-chested, as they do every day.
They suddenly notice that there is a new runner. Doctor Song, who is angry and jealous over nurse Ja-ae’s interest in the running hunks :).
Favorite moment 4 – Doctor Song almost licks the tip of a pen which is actually a poisonous syringe, given to the soldiers as a secret weapon to defend themselves.

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