Kill me, Heal me or Kilmi, Hilmi (2015)

This series, suspiciously resembles “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” but I like it better.
Cha Do-hyun, a young and handsome rich heir, has been living abroad because of his DID (dissociative identity disorder).
His condition has led him to distrust people and to live lonely and secluded life, while taking care of the damage that his personalities do to him and to others, by himself.
He has been treated by several doctors but no one was able help him.
After Eleven years, he finds himself back in Korea and the vice president of “ID entertainment”, his father’s company.
Do-hyun’s six personalities are:
1. Shin Se-ki – He is Do-hyun’s strongest and most dominant personality. He is violent and has no problem attacking men but would never hurt women nor children.
When Se-ki falls in love for the first time, he decides to take over Do-hyun’s body and mind so that he can stay forever with Oh Ri-jin.
2. Perry Park – He like boats, adores fishing, drinking and building bombs and he speaks with Jeolla dialect.
3. Ahn Yo-seob is a Seventeen year old intellectual who likes the fine arts and has suicidal tendencies.
4. Ahn Yo-na is Yo-seob’s twin sister. She is a cheeky schoolgirl, who is into celebrities and has the hots for Ri-on.
5 – A kid who has a teddy-bear called Nana that she likes to draw with colorful chalks on the floor. It’s a personality that Do-hyun has developed in sympathy for Ri-jin.
6 – Mr. X who appears at the end of the series and symbolizes Ri-jin’s father.
Oh Ri-jin is a resident psychiatrist who bumps into Do-hyun at the airport, when she comes to scold her twin brother, Oh Ri-on for giving out her cellular number to people instead of using his own.
Oh Ri-on is a famous author of suspense novels, who keeps his real identity a secret and uses the pen-name “Omega”, he also uses the name Oh Hwi, with the girls that he hits on.
He finds great interest in Do-hyun’s life.
Cha Ki-joon is Do-hyun’s cousin and rival, he is “ID entertainment”‘s president.
Han Chae-yeon is Ki-joon’s fiance and Do-hyun’s first love. Despite the fact that she has rejected him, she still likes to play with him because she is manipulative.
Here are a few strange things that I’ve noticed, right at the beginning of the series, we see the two guys in school, where Ki-joon tells Do-hyun that when he first met him, he thought that he was a Christian, Mormon or Amish… they are cousins so it makes sense that they grew up together so what is this “First saw you” line? Did they first meet as young men?
When Do-hyun sees Shin Se-ki in the bathroom mirror, he punches it.
Although we can see a blood on the mirror, Do-hyun is in no hurry to get his hand treated in the hospital. Instead, he just stands there, rubbing his lips and thinking of Ri-jin.
When we next see him, he is sitting outside, speaking with his psychiatrist and he doesn’t even have a scratch on his hands.
At first, I thought that we see the personalities dressed in different clothes but that’s just the way Do-hyun see himself but then when he says goodbye to Yo-na, he folds her actual school coat with her name tag… so did he actually manage to get himself into her skirt and coat, each and every time that she came out? :O
Favorite moment 1 – Ri-jin and Do-hyun get locked in the cellar of her father’s house.
When Ri-on opens the cellar’s door, he finds Ri-jin and Do-hyun on the floor together in what seems to be a hot and sexy embrace.
Favorite moment 2 – Ri-jin is holding her hand out to Do-hyun but he doesn’t take it, when he finally holds out his hand to her, she grabs it and twists it. Hilarity ensues.
Favorite moment 3 – Ri-jin and Se-ki argue over a tie. She wants him to wear one to work and he refuses. The arguments develops into a nicely choreographed rap match.
Favorite moment 4 – Ri-on goes into a coffee place with Do-hyun, goes to buy coffee and when he returns, finds himself suddenly with Yo-na who is into him big time :D.
In fact, any moment with Ri-on and Yo-na is a favorite of mine. I simply adore this girl 😀 .
There are indeed many favorite moments in this series, some last only a few seconds.
Ji Sung is to die for, he is a fine comedian and he touches your heart in the sad scenes and makes you laugh in the funny parts.
He plays his six personalities with ease and with style. He is simply adorable and talented.
Although I liked Hwang Jung-eum in “She was pretty”, I had a very hard time watching her here, she very, very loud and is quite annoying at times, especially in the first few episodes. Later on, it improves, although perhaps I’ve just gotten used to her.
Despite the very high level of creepiness, somehow Park Seo-joon manages to make Ri-on into a lovable and funny character and every encounter that he has with the one track minded Yo-na is gold.
The plot can be a bit confusing at times but as a whole, it’s a great show, mainly because of Ji Sung’s great acting skills.

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