Mr. Baek or Mr. Back or Miseuteo Baek (2014)

Eun Ha-soo is a sweet and caring woman who finds a temporary job at the large hotel, owned by Choi Go-bong, an greedy and unpleasant old man.
When Go-bong attends a charity event, meant for an old folks home, he falls down and is helped by Ha-soo but he is quite rude and not thankful for her kindness towards him.
Choi Dae-han is Go-bong carefree and danger seeking son, he feels as if he can never please his strict and old fashion father and so he is not ever trying anymore.
When trying to hide from his angry father in one of the hotel rooms, Dae-han runs into Ha-soo.
In hope of fooling his father into thinking that he is disturbing a couple, he throws Ha-soo on the bed and covers them both in a blanket.
While the surprised and enraged Ha-soo, tries to fight him off, Dae-han loses his necklace in bed.
Ha-soo finds it and is on her way to return it, when a storms breaks.
Go-bong is also on the road, not knowing that his car is filled with stolen money.
When the two cars get closer to each other, a meteor hits the road and creates a sinkhole that the two cars get sucked into.
Go-bong is thrown out of the car and is having what seems to be a heart attack, he is reaching for his pills but they spill.
In his despair, he reaches for the ground, grabs what he thinks is one of the pills and swallows it.
Go-bong and Ha-soo both survive the crash and are taken to the hospital.
When they are discharged after a few hours and return home, Go-bong decides to take a relaxing bath that he begins as an old man and ends as a young one.
Unaware of her part in the car accident that his father was in, Dae-han demands that Ha-soo delivers his necklace to his home.
Ha-soo arrives at the house just as Go-bong is checking out his naked body in the mirror of the next room.
Mistaking him for his son, Ha-soo thinks that she is dealing with a pervert and runs out of the house.
Since Go-bong’s car was full of stolen money, he has to be investigated but since he no longer looks like his old self, he can’t clear his name, nor can he stay at his old house or use his real name.
He leaves the house, renames himself Choi Shin-hyung, writes a suicide note that he leaves on the edge of a cliff and fakes a suicide.
Now the fight for control over his business begins as Shin-hyun pretend to be his own son and his son’s half brother.
Dae-han who falls in love with Ha-soo, tries to win her over and avoid running his fathers empire while his greedy relatives and the treacherous hotel director, Jung Yi-gun, who are up to no good, are trying to take over the hotels.
Shin-hyun is determined to clear his name and to take back his old job but he can’t even find a regular job at the hotel.
With everything going on, Shin-hyun and Ha-soo find that there is a strange connection between them and Ha-soon is the only one who can help Shin-hyun with his strange health problems.
Shin-hyun starts receiving strange text messages on his cellular phone and realized that he is living on burrowed time, since during the accident, he has accidentally swallowed a piece of the meteor.
It doesn’t take too long for Ha-soon and Shin-hyun to fall in love with each other but will this complicated love survive?
A note, when stating that the character was once seventy years old and is now thirty-four, pick an actor who really looks like a thirty-four year old guy and not one who is obviously in his forties (adorable as he might be).
There is a high creepiness factor, when we are dealing with someone who is seventy one years old in the body of a much younger man.
I know that it shouldn’t matter because love has no age but since Shin-hyung doesn’t tell Ha-soo the truth, he is really leading her on.
Will Shin-hyung choose to remove the meteor from his heart and live the rest of his life as an old man or will he stay a younger man and die? Will he tell Han-soon the truth and risk losing her or will he give her up so that his son can be with her? Will manager Hong win Dae-han’s heart?
The ending is very strange. Very, very strange but the series is not bad, Shin Ha-kyun is simply wonderful, Lee Joon is not half bad as his irresponsible son and Jang Na-ra is her usual, cute self.
Favorite moment 1 – Dae-han and Shin-hyung are racing but are really showing off and competing for the heart of Ha-soo, who isn’t even there.
While they are at it, their relative watch them run and wonder if they have fallen in love with one another. They seem to be very happy with that thought.
Favorite moment 2 – Shin-hyung pokes Dae-han with a rake and they start chasing each other and fight.
These fights are all kinds of adorable.
Favorite moment 3 – Dae-han and Shin-hyung are at the bath-house, scrubbing each other’s back with all of their might.

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