Successful story of a young girl or Myeongrangsonyeo seonggonggi (2002)

Cha Young-soon lives in a small village with her grandmother who takes care of her when her parents travel around, hiding from the police and looking for swindling opportunities.
One day, two women burst into her school and force her to move to Seoul and work as a house maid, in order to pay her parents debt to them.
The poor girl agrees.
Han Ki-tae is a rich and spoiled guy who is prone to violent outbursts and is the new president of “Snowy cosmetics”.
When he hand-glides over Young-soon’s village, he accidentally lands into her bathtub (why was she bathing outside? It’s a mystery) and loses a precious necklace in the water.
He comes looking for it in the village but when he takes part in a wild chase through the village’s market, he loses Young-soon in the crowd and she boards the train, heading for her new work and life as a maid in Seoul.
Later on, they meet again, when Young-soo ends up working as a maid in his house.
Yoon Na-hee is Han Ki-tae rich girlfriend, she is the daughter of the company’s CEO. She is up to no good and despises Yang-soon from the first moment that she sees her.
Ki-tae’s greatest enemy is his cousin, Oh Joon-tae who is in love with Na-hee and is plotting to take over the company, along with his father, the manager director at “Snowy cosmetics”.
Young-chan is Ki-tae’s friend. He is not a very bright guy.
Song Seok-ku works as the Yoon family’s driver, he helps Young-soon and falls in love with her.
Hwang Bo-bae is Seok-ku’s sister, she is a bully and attends the same school that Young-soo starts attending.
Despite a few nasty attempts to hurt her, Bo-bae and Young-soon become good friends.
Bo-bae is dating Young-chan.
When stripped of all of his assets by Joon-tae and betrayed by Na-hee and Young-chan, the only one that Ki-tae can relay on, is Young-soon.
The story is not a new one but I guess that you can call this drama a classic.
A rich, selfish heir who loses all of his money and his girlfriend when he get’s betrayed by his friends.
A simple country girl who teaches him a few things about the important things in life.
The struggle to get back what belongs to him and falling in love in the process.
I must say that there are a few villains like Joon-tae, he simply doesn’t have a kind bone in his body, he even treats the woman that he loves badly, blackmailing her into marrying him.
Usually, there is some attempt to find some backstory to explain how and when, the bad guy became so bad, these stories can make us relate better to the character but here, there is no reason for Joon-tae behavior, other than jelousy. It’s his cousin and he takes pleasure in tormenting him, not so very cool.
Na-hee is not saint either, it’s laughable to think that she didn’t bother much with the thought that she has killed someone but is feeling pretty bad about being forced to marry Joon-tae because of it.
She dislikes the idea so much that she would rather confess to Ki-tae, rather than get married.
She is so unstable that she goes back and forth between the two guys, hating and loving Ki-tae and willing to join forces with his greatest enemy, who is in love with her, just to get back at the man that she loves.
Not a very likable person, if you ask me.
It’s a drama worth watching if only because of the young and somewhat clumsy Jang hyuk with his strange teeth and a very strange hairdo and young and adorable (Despite her very high-pitched voice) Jang Na-ra with a slightly different nose.
These two seem to feel comfortable around each other and it’s fun to watch them.
Also, I was surprised and happy to find that Yoon Tae-young, who was very sweet here, has played the role of hunky and not so honest Yeon Hogae, in the wonderful “Legend” series.
Favorite moment 1 –
Ki-tae and Young-soon’s father are at a public bath-house. Young-soon’s dad is scrubbing Ki-tae’s back and then hands him the sponge and turns his back, so that Ki-tae can scrub his back, but clueless and selfish Ki-tae, doesn’t seem to realize what he’s supposed to do and starts scrubbing his own arms instead.
Favorite moment 2 –
Seok-ku and Ki-tae are sitting on a rock, at the beach and bonding over a bottle of Soju, when Young-soon comes to scold them.
They get up and follow her while imitating her way of talking and her accent.
Favorite moment 3 –
Ki-tae is waiting for Young-soon outside of his house so that they can go in together.
To enter, he is using his old key.
I wonder, what kind of a trusting fool Joon-tae was, not to change the locks.
I love the fact that Ki-tae didn’t think that he can use his key and return home at any given moment and just stayed at his tiny, penthouse.

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