Oh my Venus (2015)

When she was young, Kang Joo-eun was the “Venus” of her high-school.
She was dating Im Woo-sik, a former swimmer for the Korean national team, and dreamed of becoming a lawyer.
She thought that she can do anything, being the prettiest girl gives you power.
Now, Fifteen years later, Joo-eun is a chubby lawyer in an on and off relationship with Woo-sik.
Kim Young-ho is a famous trainer to the stars, he uses the name John Kim to disguise his true identity as a rich Korean heir.
When he is involved in a scandal with one of the stars that he trains, he has to leave the states for Korea.
Joo-eun is on the same flight as Young-ho, coming home from a business meeting in NY.
Kim Ji-woong, who manages a boxer called “The Korean snake” and works with Young-ho, sits right next to her and tries to impress her by introducing himself as the snake’s trainer.
While on the plane, Joo-eun has a medical emergency and Young-ho comes to the rescue and in turn, saves himself from the reporters in the airport, by riding the ambulance to the hospital along with her.
Young-ho comes to the rescue for the second time, when Joo-eun, who gets a text message from Woo-sik, walks out in the pouring rain, in her hospital robe and slippers.
Young-ho drives her to her to Woo-sik’s place and watches from afar, as she finds out that Woo-sik is having an affair.
In high-school, Oh Soo-jin was a fat girl with low self-esteem and now she is thin with low-esteem and a thirst for revenge.
Although, Joo-eun was her only friend when they were young, she was always jealous of her and now that she is part of the same law firm and works as her superior while dating her ex boyfriend, she lets out her inner bitch.
Joo-eun mistakenly thinks that Ji-woong is John Kim and in exchange for her silence about his true identity, she asks him to help her train and lose weight.
It doesn’t take long for the truth to be discovered and for the real John Kim to step up and start changing Joo-eun’s life.
It looks like Young-ho is some kind of a superhero, he is always there to save Joo-eun when she needs him. He also looks quite tormented all of the time but perhaps that’s because his knee is bothering him?
Jang Joon-sung is a famous boxer, called “Korean snake”. He, along with Young-ho and Ji-woong, take turns in coaching Joo-eun.
When Joon-sung was abandoned by his parents, Young-ho took him in, trained him and became a father figure and a friend.
It’s a cute series and the actors are truly great.
Favorite moments:
1. The three guys are trying to live one day as Joo-eun and are taking funny photos of themselves.
2. Joo-eun is trying to hide under Young-ho’s clothes, while he is trying to toss them off when they are in his car, on their way home.
3. Joo-eun is taking the boys to exercise in the park. “Why are we doing this to the tree? What did it do wrong?”
4. “I want to see”. “I can’t focus if it’s bright” :).

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