The painful search for perfection

Many years ago, my best friend has decided to fix her nose.
The plastic surgery was successful, she was ever prettier than she was before with a tiny nose but she did go through the rough time of dealing with swelling and pain, she even used a piece of sticking tape to stick the glasses to her forehead so that they will not touch her sensitive nose.
In short, it was painful, it took time to heal and frankly, to me she was beautiful even before her surgery but I guess that she felt more confident and happy with her new nose.
When I first started watching Korean dramas, I thought that the actors were amazingly beautiful but as I started looking for information on these actors, I’ve also stumbled on a few websites that were uploading alleged “Before” and “After” plastic surgery photos of celebrities.
I must admit that some of the changes in the photos were due to age and loss of weight and of course, different camera angles and different lighting but some were obviously caused by surgery, not that I mind.
If a person feels more at ease with a new nose or new ears, who am I to stop him/her? Especially when we are speaking of actors and singers who are admired and looked up to at times, not because of their fine acting or singing skills but because they are thin and beautiful.
If they must set an example, then I guess that they are dead afraid of not living up to the high standard that exist in this business.
Let’s take for example Lee Min-ho, a tall and not so bad looking guy with a nose to be proud of.
I am taking him as an example because there is no doubt in my mind that he did a bit of trimming where his nose is concerned and I must admit that he looks better but that’s because he didn’t get a tiny, pointy nose all of a sudden.
Hyun Bin used to look wild and handsome, I’m unsure if it’s just the loss of weight but it looks like his nose has changed and I pray to anyone who would listen, that he would stop right there because he was gorgeous before, now he is handsome and if he goes any further, he might not look as amazing and this would be very sad indeed.
I’ve read a comment made by someone extra vicious, saying that Oh Ji-ho looks like a plastic doll because of all the plastic operation that he went through. I must admit that he looks more western that Asian and I don’t know if he had any work done on his face but even if he did, he is still amazingly beautiful.
Is there a point where people who go under the knife again and again, to improve their looks, say: “That’s enough, I will stop now”?
I’ve read in this article, that there is pressure on women to look pretty but they get dirty looks if the operation was too obvious. There is no pleasing some people.
I love the actors and actresses who are strong enough to resist the temptation of making themselves more *western looking and remain true to their natural beauty.
It might be quite confusing for the audience, if their favorite actor looks different in every series that he plays in, they might not recognize him in the end, unless they see his name in the credits šŸ˜› .
I wonder how comfortable these actors feel, knowing that in a way, what the viewers see is a mask. It’s their face but not really since the nose, the eyes, the chin, the lips, the ears… they’ve all been changed for the sake of beauty and fame.
I wonder if they would like to take off their perfect masks and go back to the way they once looked, I wonder if they feel like themselves when they look in the mirror and I always wonder whether or not the acting would have been better, had they been playing with their original looks, which wasn’t touched by the knife.
When people talk about your beauty but this beauty was created by a surgeon, can you really feel confident in yourself or do you feel like you are cheating?
Hyun bin said that he thinks that the audience likes him only because of his good looks.
What a horrible feeling for a hard working actor, to think that his acting skills don’t matter, what matters is how good he looks.
Changing your looks because something is bothering you and you know that you will feel happier when it’s fixed is one thing, but undergoing an operation because the audience might like you better with a smaller nose or because your manager thinks that fuller lips will get you to stardom? I think that that’s not a good path to follow.
I mean, where do you stop? How do you know that the next operation will make you look better? Perhaps it will make you look like a strange, plastic doll? Does the race to achieve perfection ever stop? If your nose is perfect now, do you start checking out your breasts, to see if you can improve them?
What happens if it ends up like a painting that one extra brush stroke might ruin it?
Isn’t it true that it’s our imperfections that make us who we are and make us unique and interesting to look at?
I applaud the actors and actresses who choose not to mess with the shape and size of their beautiful eyes for the second lid look, not to cut their bones for that coveted V shape face, not to enlarge their lips.
The women in the article were willing to suffer the pain and discomfort of plastic surgery, some did it once, some did it several times and will probably do it again. The photos give the impression of great loneliness and pain.

Plastic surgery in South Korea

*I’ve read a comment somewhere, stating that Asian people, don’t perform these surgeries to look more western but simply because they want to fit what is considered beautiful in Asia = Big eyes, V shaped face etc…
What I’m refering to, is true for both cases.

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