South Korean women and marriage

According to this article, it looks like the marriage age for women in South Korea is rising in recent years.
More and more women are choosing to remain single because they want to advance in their studies, career and develop on a personal level .
In the Western world, we have gotten used to women of an advanced, age who choose to live independently, without a man beside them but Korean society is still conservative and a woman not married by the age of 24, is considered to be an “old maid”.
An organization dedicated to feminist activism has published a guidebook called “Plan B”, which helps women who choose not to marry or refuse marriage, to deal with the stigmas associated with this choice.
There is also an attempt to put into use the rarely used term “Bihon” (not married) instead of using the term “Mihon”(not yet married).
It seems that feminist organizations definitely try to contribute to the effort to change the status of women in South Korea.
By watching dramas, it looks like there’s still a lot of work to be done: Most heroines are controlled by men, they are grabbed and dragged from here to there and the decisions are being made for them.
The choice not to marry, in these series, is not made by the protagonist but by a controlling mother who does not like her son’s choice of a woman from a lower class,
Despite choosing to remain single, even if temporarily, some women don’t want to give up the traditional wedding photo session .
The idea of wedding photos that feature only women is a bit funny to me but I can understand wanting to be photographed in a white dress while you are still young and beautiful.
I guess that the groom can be always added later by using Photoshop 🙂 .

South Korean women and marriage

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