A list of things that can only happen in Korean dramas

Do you know any of these? You are welcome to comment with your own.

1. Getting drunk, passing out and then waking up sober, after about two hours.
2. Walking in the street after a bad breakup and then just fainting.
3. Getting horribly sick after a short walk in the rain and then waking up the next morning as if nothing has happened.
4. If your loved one is hiding a secret from you, he will choose to tell you all about it while you are sleeping.
5. Feeling a bit sick, drunk or tired? Your friend will carry you on his back.
6. When the couple finally reaches the point of admitting that they are interested n each other, an ex-girlfriend will appear out of nowhere, ready and eager to patch things up.
7. When you break up with someone, take care to walk down the street extremely slow.
8. Is this a comedy? Well, then, by all means, speak with your mouth full of food.
9. A hug is like having sex.
10. It might be just a word but you will remember it for years and years and then when you meet your loved one again, you will talk about this one word and you will both remember it.
11. Don’t bother with crossing the road to the other side, having your conversations in the middle of a zebra crossing, is the safest thing to do.
12. If you don’t have a childhood trauma, you are not a proper lead character.
13. Both your parents are still alive? Prepare yourself for a disaster.
14. When you kiss someone, take care not to move a muscle, not even your lips.
15. Expect to hear this sentence when you least expect it:”Don’t look at other men, don’t speak to other men. Listen to me and only to me”.
16. Be prepared for your hand to be grabbed while you are being dragged outside. You might think that there is some emergency but no, he doesn’t have anything important to say.
17. You are very sick? Her/his parents are demanding that you will part ways? Just break up with the one that you love in the most cold and unfeeling way, leaving her/him to believe that you’ve stopped loving him/her or just pack your bags and leave without a word to the one that you love.
18. “Promise me that you will never leave without telling me”. Guess what? He/She is going to leave without telling you.

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