Two versions – Here I am (Secret garden)

Yes, yes, I know, it’s two versions and not three or four. How dare I break my own rules :D.
As you might have noticed if you’ve read my review, “Secret garden” is one of my favorite dramas. It’s funny, touching, original and it has a nice touch of fantasy in it, not to speak of the great cast.
The series OST has a couple of lovely tunes and this one has a few version.
The first version is the piano version, sang by the lovely Mi.
It’s a lovely, gentle version. I’ve noticed that many female singers tend to scream when they reach the higher notes but Mi sings with lots and lots of air and it doesn’t make my ears bleed :).

The second version, is also sang by Mi with 4Men (who are actually only 3 men :D).
Their voices blend well and compliment each other and of course, there are all the little pro tricks that are meant to make the audience eyes fill with tears.

This next version is adorable even if it’s a bit on the nasal side. Sadly, this version is much shorter than the others, only one verse and chorus :(.
Oska is a character that I must write about at some point, adorable and crazy, a person who seems to be a narcissist but is really unsure of himself and knows that his star is fading.
By what I’ve read, Yoon Sang-hyun started acting at the relatively late age of Thirty two and although he released one single before the show, his fame as a singer started with the role of Oska, the talentless Hallyu star who has lost his love because he was childish and vain.
On the last episode of the series, “Oska” is giving a live “Secret garden” concert and after the drama has ended, he has recorded a CD and performed.
I must say that he is not half bad and it’s nice to think that he started acting at an older age and then found another thing that he loves doing and is good at.

Here is a little bonus, a video of 4Men and Mi, performing this song live.
I love the fact that the lead singer is not a hotty but is a bit chubby and bespectacled and the other two are patiently waiting for the solo to end so that they can (at last) sing their part and not just stand there, being pretty 😀 .

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