The mysterious and crazy Kim Shin-hyuk (She was pretty)

There we go again with yet another character who is not the lead but seems to live an interesting life away from the limelight.
Si-woon is a famous star, thanks to his crazy personality and his part in the “Super junior” K-pop group but in this series, he proves that his charms goes way beyond being just a pretty face with some dance moves.
The first time that we get to see Shin-hyuk, he is on his motorcycle, riding on a road parallel to the one that’s taken by the lead man of the series. Is this a race for fame? Perhaps a race for the heart of the girl?
Next, we see him as he is trying to catch some gum that he has thrown in the air, in his mouth but ends up with a sore eye and tripping his poor “Jackson” who will become his friend and love interest.
He is smart enough to find excuses to get a free meal or gifts and loves playing tricks on his friends, he is even nicknamed “crazy” Shin-hyuk because he doesn’t seem to take anything seriously and is into taking risks.
So what do we have here? It looks pretty simple, it’s a tough guy who also likes to act all silly.
Is that all? Not really.
Although acting like a teenager, Shin-hyuk is a hard working reporter and a good friend who is not afraid to stand up for Hye-jin.
He is busy trying to trick Hye-jin into buying him food and clothes, he dressed like a slob and yet, he lives in a suite in a luxurious hotel.
He shows up again and again in Ji Sung-joon’s house, burrows his underwear (and then, mentions it loudly, in public :D) and teases him but although they are both fighting to win the same girl’s heart, Shin-hyuk still takes care of Sung-joon when he is sick and he also confronts Ha-ri and demands that she will tell the truth so that Sung-joon will know who the real Hye-jin is. He must know that this will mean the end of his hopes to win Hye-jin’s heart.
So a tough, crazy, silly guy but also a caring friend (at the expense of his own chances of winning Hye-jin’s heart) and a good guy.
But wait, there is more.
Shink-hyuk reveals his secret identity to the world in order to save the magazine’s Korean branch from closing down.
He is willing to give up his privacy and sacrifice his freedom to write what he wants, without the pressure of fitting an image or a paradigm and even though Sung-joon decides not to publish the interview, he still goes on with it and then goes into hiding and travels around so that he can continue being free.
So, He is also the mysterious author of brilliant books that are best sellers all around the world. Not so bad for a crazy, silly guy.
Apart from completely stealing the show from the main, male character, he also manages to make the watchers wonder why he wasn’t the chosen one.
At the end of series, the best friend or other choice for love, often turns out to be a needy and clingy creature who can’t take “No” for an answer and keeps on butting in and sabotaging the lead character’s romance (Like Se-ra in “Fated to love you”) or a violent and creepy person (like Sang-hyuk in “Winter sonata”) or is just revealed to be anything but a good friend.
It’s understandable when you think that at the end, the lead character’s choice mustn’t look like he/she is settling for second best and so the amazing good friend, must look like he is simply not as good as the final choice.
This time, I am happy to say that the creators of the series didn’t take the easy road and although it was sad, Shin-hyuk took it like a man and proved that his friendship wasn’t a pretend one, just to get close to Hye-jin and make her fall in love with him but a true one, that kept on existing even after they parted ways.
I do think it’s very funny that he has asked her to think of him each time that she eats a pickled radish :D.
He did what he thought was right, supported his friends in their hour of need, did his best, didn’t linger and just left, thus leaving us all eager to see more of him.
Come back crazy Ten, we will welcome you with open arms :).

Here is Shin-hyuk’s song from the series. Si-won is no Pavarotti but he gets the message through.

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