She was pretty or Geunyeoneun Yeppeodda (2015)

Kim Hye-jin’s and Min Ha-ri‘s mothers were best friends and so, they were also best friends, ever since they were born.
They’ve even lived next door to each other but after Ha-ri’s family relocates to Japan, a new family moved in with their son, a chubby boy called Ji Sung-joon.
Sung-joon has lost his mother in a car accident, on a rainy day and ever since then, he has been afraid of the rain.
After being caught in the rain together, Hye-jin calms Sung-joon down and becomes his “umbrella”, the person who is always there to protect him from harm.
When Sung-joon has to move to the states, he keeps writing to Hye-jin but his letters come back unopened with an “address unknown” stamp.
Years pass and one day Hye-jin, who now shares an apartment with Ha-ri, receives an e-mail from Sung-joon, who came back to Korea and wants to see her.
The time that has passed, has changed the both of them: Hye-jin who was a confident, pretty girl from a rich family, is now a freckled faced and frizzy haired, unemployed woman with a questionable fashion sense.
Sung-joon who was a chubby boy with low self-esteem, is now a handsome and successful man.
When she arrives to the meeting place and Sung-joon passes her by, Hye-jin realizes that he didn’t recognize her and leaves the place.
She is afraid that Sung-joon remembers her as she once was and wants him to keep the idyllic image of her so she asks the beautiful Ha-ri, who is now a successful hotelier, to go to the meeting place and pretend to be her.
The two arrive at the meeting place and in a rather sad scene, Hye-jin watches from afar as Sung-joon hugs Ha-ri.
After the first meeting, Ha-ri tells Sung-joon that she is leaving the country. This supposedly ends all hope of meeting again.
Sadly though, Ha-ri bumps into Sung-joon again and the two resume their relationship, without her telling Hye-jin about it or revealing her true identity to Sung-joon..
Meanwhile, Hye-jin finds a job as an intern at “Jinsung” magazine.
First she works at the management support office but after delivering documents to “The most”, a fasion magazine and being mistaken for the new proofreading freelancer, she is being asked to move there for three months and to her horror, finds that the new chief copywriter of the magazine, is no other than Sung-joon who is still oblivious as to who she is and treats her very badly.
One of the reporters is crazy Kim Shin-hyuk, who was responsible for Hye-jin’s transfer to the magazine’s office and is also her superior.
He is funny, handsome and soon develops a close friendship with Hye-jin, whom he fondly nicknames “Jackson”, because of her dressing style.
After working together for a while, Sung-joon notices that while Hye-jin feels oddly familiar, Ha-ri feels like a stranger to him.
This along with a few hints, makes him suspect that Ha-ri is not who she says she is.
I must say that this is the first series in which I was rooting for the second guy to win the girl.
Si-won as Kim Shin-hyuk is simply adorable. The character is crazy, funny, sweet and honest, as apposed to the others who are all busy hiding something from someone.
He likes Hye-jin for who she is, thinks that she is beautiful, likes teasing her but is always there to support her.
He is also the only one at the office who knows the truth about her relationship with Sung-joo and so Hye-jin has someone to speak with.
He steals the show from the sickly looking and arrogant Ji Sung-joon, who lives on water and stress.
Park Seo-joon is very sweet and also, not a bad actor but come on, who can really like a character who was bullied as a kid and now bullies others?
Hwang Jung-eum is the prettiest actress that I’ve seen so far (not counting the stunning Song Hye-kyo) and this is despite the desperate attempts of the makeup and wardrobe team, to make her look unappealing and dress her up in strange clothes.
She is unnecessarily loud and silly at times but she is very lovable and amazingly, one of the most independent women characters that I can think of.
She does not need saving, she is saving others.
Despite the easy solution of a transformation, she is the one who decides when and how to change, instead of others, deciding it for her (like in “Boys for flowers” for example, where the boys dress the girls).
She is not being dragged around and she is the one who makes her own future.
Ha-ri on the other hand, begins the drama as the cool girl and good friend and ends in (at least for me) as a pitiful traitor who was willing to lie to her best friend and even steal from her because she thinks that she has fallen in love for the first time. Because as we all know, a relationship based on lies and dishonesty is built to last.
The supporting characters are also pretty good:
The magazine’s chief editor is the eccentric Kim Ra-ra.
She is lots of fun with her crazy outfits, her impossible wigs and her demand that everything will be the Most-esque :D.
Cha Joo-young, the fashion director has been working at the magazine for years and years, she is not into sentimentalism but is very kind.
Kim Poong-ho, the feature director, a slob who always looks like he needs a good shower and a change of clothes and he carries around a back-scratcher at all times.
Joo Ah-reum works at the magazine ever since she was a teenager. She works long hours and walks around the studio at night, wearing her beauty face mask.
Han Seol, the little gold digger is after Kim Joon-woo for the wrong reason and Joon-woo, the fashion team assistant, throws himself happily into this strange, sudden relationship with this less than enthusiastic woman.
The sign of a great series is that you don’t want it to end and so you watch the last episodes very slowly because you don’t want to say goodbye.
I’ve had this experience with this series. It’s simply too cute and fun to watch, to say goodbye to after 16 episodes.

The mysterious and crazy Kim Shin-hyuk (She was pretty)

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