Wild romance or Nan-pok-han Ro-maen-seu (2012)

Park Mu-yeol is a baseball player for the “Red dreamers”, he has a bad temper and a club of haters.
Yoo Eun-jae is a tomboy bodyguard who along with her brother and father, are die hard fans of the “Blue seagulls” baseball team. In fact, Eun-jae is the creator and admin of Mu-yeol’s haters club.
To celebrate her father’s birthday, the family goes to a Karaoke bar and drinks too much.
When Eun-jae’s father enters the wrong Karaoke room by mistake, he finds himself face to face with the man he hates most, Mu-yeol, and attacks him.
Mu-yeol, who is known for his quick temper, pushes the father away in self-defense and then gets attacked and thrown to the floor by Eun-jae.
A video of the attack is uploaded to the web and there is a risk of a scandal that can ruin both Mu-yeol’s and Eun-jae’s careers because she is a bodyguard, attacking a person and he is a famous player, attacking a woman.
Since they can both lose their jobs over this scandal, it is decided that Eun-jae should pretend to be Mu-yeol’s bodyguard.
It looks like Eun-jae, doesn’t know the first thing about being a bodyguard but let’s pretend that other than that, this series makes sense.
While she is “protecting” Mu-yeol, who is getting hate-mail and threats over the net, someone puts poison in his canteen.
Luckily or unluckily, the person who drinks a small amount of that poison is Mu-yeol’s best friend and team-mate, Jin Dong-soo.
Now Eun-jae has to become a real bodyguard and protect her client but for some reason she is more content with butting into his personal life.
Kim Dong-ah is Eun-jae’s best friend and housemate, she falls in love with Kim Tae-han, the stoic and bizarre PR manager of the “Red dreamers”.
Frankly, they are the most interesting couple on this show.
Jin Dong-soo is Mu-yeol’s best friend (and also the only one, as far as we can see) ever since high-school, he is married to Oh Soo-young.
He loves baseball but is not that good and has to quite the team. He always protects Mu-yeol who finds refuge at his house after each scandal that he is involved in.
Oh Soo-young is Dong-soo’s wife, her husband thinks that she has given up on being an artist because of his career but the truth is that her mother, an art teacher was busy praising her friend, Kang Jong-hee and discouraging Dong-soo from fulfilling her dreams.
Kang Jong-hee, Mu-yeol’s ex-girlfriend, returns to Korea after Eight years, she used to paint and was very good at it but when she became ill, she stopped.
After having a few bipolar disorder episodes, she has decided to leave Mu-yeol and he has been waiting for her and wearing her ring in a chain around his neck.
Go Jae-hyo is a reporter who uses all kinds of methods to get his stories, he ends up teaming up with Tae-han and Dong-soon in their attempts to find the person who is stalking Mu-yeol.
Yang Sun-hee is Mu-yeol’s aunt and housekeeper, who is obsessed with him.
This series is weird, it starts off as a very silly romantic comedy with two lead characters who hate each other and turns into a strange and creepy psychological thriller.
There are bits of violence on part of Mu-yeol that makes him look like a maniac who can’t control himself.
There is a young man who likes “turning off the lights in people’s houses” or in other words, he likes to torment them, make them miserable and possibly kill them.
The “balanced” and loving couple of this series are so close that when the wife goes through a miscarriage, she treats in with strange calmness and her husband who finds her sobbing in bed, asks what has happened as if he can’t remember what has happened to her that morning.
When she has a mental breakdown, her mother and her husband would rather hide the evidence instead of sending her to be treated by professionals.
Likable characters are turning into crazy, unstable bastards and the writers don’t seem to know where to go with the plot.
Not so very good but then there a few beautiful moments of acting like Mu-yeol’s breakup scene with Jong-hee, his talk with Eun-jae, outside her house in the last episode and almost every scene with Dong-ah and Tae-han but especially the one at the restaurant, where she starts crying.

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