Worlds Within or The World That They Live In or Geudeuli Saneun Sesang (2008)

Two production directors who used to date in college, get back together and try to mix work with pleasure.
Joo Joon-young, is a young production director from a rich family.
Her dramas are regarded as beautiful but cold and her relationship with men always end when the guy breaks up with her.
Jung Ji-oh comes from a poor family, he adores his mother and is working very hard to become a good director.
Although they love each other, Joon-young’s gambling mother, doesn’t approve of Ji-oh because of his humble background and Ji-oh, decides to break up with Joon-young because of it.
When they are apart, Ji-oh has to go through an eye operation because of a disease. Korean TV dramas, must have at least one character with some kind of disease, mental problem or trauma or else, it’s not fun, now is it?
Yang Soo-kyung is working as an director assistant but he is highly irresponsible and makes constant mistakes. He falls in love with Joon-young, not knowing that she is in a relationship with Ji-oh.
Song Gyu-ho is Ji-oh’s rival, the dramas that he directs always bring high ratings and he’s very arrogant. His father is a politician who is running for president so Gyu-ho has to always watch his step and avoid scandals.
Jang Hae-jin, makes her first steps as an actress and makes constant passes at Gyu-ho, who is a known don Juan who is not into commitment.
Lee Seo-woo is a script writer who is dedicated to her work up to the point of obsession. She sometimes works without sleeping or eating and is known as a tough cookie.
Kim Min-chul a veteran director, lives right next to Seo-woo and she often has to nurse him back to health, after a bad night of drinking.
Min-chul is desperately in love with Yoon Young, an actress, for whom he has left his wife but Yoon Young constantly refuses him and makes fun of him as she goes out with others.
We get to see a little bit of what’s going on behind the production of Korean TV series, it’s quite hectic and they are working in these condition, I pity the writers, the directors and the actors of TV dramas. I’ve already seen that they do not heat the sets and people have to use warm pads and blankets to get warm in between scenes.
It’s a drama and it’s not easy to watch at times.
It’s not as good as “Kim Sam-Soon” or the “Secret garden” but it is watchable if only for the adorable lead actors and the crazy Choi Daniel.

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