What is this blog all about?

About a year ago, I’ve began watching Korean dramas in hope of learning a few Korean words and getting used to the sound of the language.

Along with the dramas, came the music and some information about actors and singers and as the information started to grow, I thought that it might be a good idea to store it somewhere.

I started with FaceBook notes but sadly, they have limited space for each note and I wanted my list to be in one note, I used my LJ but I wanted to write both in Hebrew and in English and also have a backup in case something happens to my LJ account.

So this wordpress blog is my backup.

This blog is mainly for myself and I usually write what I like about the things that I like or dislike, I do not filter my thoughts and I don’t care if people like something that I don’t or the other way around so please, if you are reading this, save yourself the time and effort of complaining about my opinions about the dramas, movies, actors etc…

So let’s begin…

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