The perfect couple or Choigang romaenseu (2007)

A movie with the Lee Dong-wook.
Kang Jae-hyuk is a detective, Choi Soo-jin is a less than graceful journalist.
Soon-jin accidentally stabs Jae-hyuk with a tempura skewer while he is chasing drug dealers and that’s how they first meet.
The newspaper assigns Soon-jin to make a series of articles about a detective who just happens to be Jae-hyuk and while sitting with him and his partner at a carefully planned stakeout, she manages to mess things up.
This is one of these movies where the hero has a fountain of blood, gushing from his head and one day later, he walks around with a small bandage over his eye.
It’s also one of these movies where an injured detective shows up all alone to an abandoned car lot where he has to deal with about ten drug dealers, all on his own.
The leading lady has a voice that can shatter glass and there doesn’t seem to be much chemistry between her and the Wookie but on the other hand, Lee Dong-wook looks like a god with his long, flowing hair so who pays attention to the leading lady anyway?

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