The heirs or The Inheritors (2013)

The hard lives on the chaebol heirs of Korea.
When his father gets sick, Kim Tan, is banished away from his home to live in the states while his older, half brother takes over the family’s company.
Kim Tan is the younger brother and the child of a concubine, an illegitimate child who shares a home with the “true” heir, while his mother is hidden from sight and his father’s second wife, is presented as his mother in front of people.
Cha Eun-sang decides to fly to the states to deliver money to her older sister who lives (or so Eun-sang thinks) the American dream, going to college and just about to get married to her American boyfriend.
Eun-sang’s mother is a mute who works as a servant and Eun-sang is both working and studying in hope of making a better life for herself.
She decides to leave Korea and live with her sister but the American dream is shattered when Cha Eun-sang finds that her sister is not studying but working as a waitress and her boyfriend is a drunk and a cheater.
Eun-sang’s sister grabs the money and disappears, leaving Cha Eun-sang all alone in a strange country.
Kim Tan who was the witness of the sisters meeting, decides to help the reluctant Eun-sang and brings her into his lovely home, where she stays until Kim Tan’s fiance, Yoo Rachel, shows up.
Yoo Rachel is a rich, spoiled girl, who’s mother is about to get married to a rich businessman.
If the marriage goes through, Choi Young-do, the high-school’s bully, will become her step brother. They are both less than thrilled about the idea.
When Kim Tan returns to Korea and Eun-sang returns home, they meet again and fall in love.
Kim Tan’s father decides to show Eun-sang the importance of money and class, he thinks that studying together will make Eun-sang realize that she is not good enough for Kim Tan. Being humiliated by your boyfriends friends and classmates will do that to you.
Choi Young-do and Kim Tan used to be best friends but now they are arch enemies as Choi Young-do, who seeks revenge on Kim Tan, falls in love with Eun-sang and makes life hard on her but Eun-sang has an old friend studying with her and she starts making new friends at school.
This is a high-school drama just like “Boys over flowers” but at least here, there is some humor (Young-do is hilarious) and the girl has a bit more to say, not to speak of not waking up in classmates beds all the time.
I like the fact that both Kim Tan and his brother fall for “commoners”, the difference between the two brothers is clear when you see the way they both handle their relationships.
It’s not a bad series if you are looking for something light to watch.

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