Super Rookie or Sin-ip Sa-won (2005)

Oh my goodness, this series is so funny and different.
Although it was made in 2005, it doesn’t have that outdated feel like other old series have (“Winter sonata”, for example) and it’s just fun to watch.
It’s the story of Kang Ho, a guy who graduated from a second grade college with a degree in physical education.
Ho spends his time reading comic books and practicing kickboxing and tries to find a job but fails miserably at every job interview that he goes to.
One day, due to a computer error, he lands a job at a very big company and although he is horribly unqualified to do the job, he somehow manages to succeed because of his good luck, his sincerity, his kindness and his street-smart.
Ho has a younger, very weird brother and a very bright best friend who is frustrated because despite his good grades, he can’t find a job.
Lee Bong-sam’s mother has left him when he was a kid, his father is a drunk but despite his tough past, he has managed to get accepted to LK.
He is good looking, hard working and smart and he is willing to do anything to get the respect and success that he thinks that he deserves.
Bong-sam hates Ho who used to steal his food at school and he is also jealous of him for his success at LK and angry because Ho is interested in Mi-ok and Hyun-ah is interested in him.
Lee Mi-ok is Bong-sam’s ex girlfriend, she works as a temp at LK.
Mi-ok is broken hearted when she finds that Bong-sam has been cheating on her with Seo Hyun-ah, who is her co-worker.
In an attempt to make him jealous, Mi-ok gets a makeover, wins Ho’s heart, makes Bong-sam desire her again and makes Hyun-ah very angry indeed.
Hyun-ah is a spoiled, rich girl who is used to getting everything that she wants, she is with Bong-sam but she has no problem to try and hit on Ho as well.
This is the first time that a girl isn’t a complete pushover like in all of the other Korean dramas that I’ve watched where the women and girls were being pushed, shuved and pulled around and were dressed by the rich men that they were dating as if they were dolls.
Despite her broken heart, Mi-ok does not come back to Bong-sam when he tries to win her back, she is a hard worker and a kind soul and she is also very cute. She deserves her happy ending.
The actors are great – There is Oh Jin-oh who is perfection incarnated, it doesn’t matter if he is playing a bad guy, he is just too beautiful to hate.
Eric Mun is sweet and when he smiles you can really fall in love with him, he also can dance like the wind.
Han Ga-in is pretty awesome as the girl who will not take shit from her ex boyfriend.
The rest are good as well but these three were my favorite. I do have to watch something with Seo Dong-won in it, he was just so weird that I need to know if he is a very annoying and strange person or a great actor.

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