Shanghai Calling (2012)

Since I’ve already watched “Seducing Mr. perfect” which was stupid and made me doubt Daniel Henney’s acting ability, I had to give him one more chance.
This is an American movie, not a Korean one so although it takes part in China, the cast talk mostly in English.
Sam Chao is a lawyer in New York, one day his employers inform him that he is going to Shanghai for three months to take care of one of their biggest clients.
Sam is less than thrilled about the idea and at first resists the charm of the city and the help that the locals and his relocation specialist, Amanda, are trying to give him.
Soon he finds himself in a bit of a mess as his client’s product is being produced in masses by another company and he has to join forces with a guy called Awesome Wang in order to straight things up.
At the end of the day, he is doing the right thing and also falls in love.
It’s a cute, little movie with some great jokes and Daniel fits in very well with the rest of the cast. He is not the greatest of actors (certainly not as great as Oh Jin-ho, who can easily carry a whole movie on his handsome shoulders) but he is fun to watch.
The rest of the cast is so so but Geng Lee, the guy who plays the part of Awesome wang is awesome indeed 🙂 .

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