Secret garden or Sikeurit Gadeun (2011)

Gil Ra-im is a stunt woman, she is tough, spunky and cool and has a crush on a famous Hallyu star.
Ra-im works at the action school, ran by Im Jong-soo who secretly loves her and tries to protect her.
Since both of her parents died and she had to survive on her own since she was a teenager, Ra-im is thankful for everything that she has and regards the action school team as her family.
Kim Joo-won is a rich and handsome young man who manages his family’s department store and is in constant competition with his cousin over everything, from fancy cars to girls.
As usual in Korean dramas, Joo-won has a trauma and he can’t get into elevators after he was rescued from one when a building was caught on fire, the fireman who has saved him, has perished in the fire.
Choi Woo-young or Oska as he is called by his fans is Joo-won’s cousin and a talentless Hallyu star, who is struggling to keep his fan-base as his fame starts to fade.
Although Oska seems to have a very high self-esteem, he is actually quite insecure about his abilities as a singer and performer but since it is the latest fashion, he decides to help and support a young singer and “tutor him”. Sadly though, he chooses the talented and reluctant Han Tae-sun who, although falling in love with Oska, doesn’t think that he is very talented and is not into being his protege
Despite his carefree behavior, Oska is a good guy who is still in love with his ex girlfriend who has left him and is very kind to Ra-im, his devoted fan..
Yoon Seul is the rich young woman who was once Oska’s girlfriend, she returns to his life because she wants revenge and so she becomes the director of his new video clip and plans on becoming Joon-won’s wife.
Joo-won and Ra-im meet by mistake and then, despite (or perhaps because of) Ra-im’s amused reaction to his fancy clothes and his silly self importance, Joo-won starts showing up at the action school.
After drinking some herbal wine, given to them at a strange restaurant in the woods, Ra-im and Joo-won wake up the next morning and find that their bodies have been switched and now they have to find a way to live each in the other’s body, until they will find a way to return to their own skin.
This series is a joy to watch, Hyun Bin is handsome as ever and can also be very amusing, Ha Ji-won is great, Lee Phillip is as sexy as ever as the strong, silent and tormented by secret love director and Yoon Sang-hyun is hilarious as the overly dramatic and talentless pop star.
It’s the prefect team (apart from the famous American/Australian director and the woman playing Joo-won’s mother, they both can’t act to save their lives) and the perfect story. If you are looking for a fun and magical watch, this is the series for you.

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