Personal taste or Kaeinui Chwihyang (2010)

It’s a sweet  and enjoyable romantic comedy although, as usual with Korean dramas, not everything makes sense but it’s all for the sake of pushing the couple together so it’s forgivable 😀 .
Gae-in, is a messy and kind hearted furniture designer who is in need of money because her business in not doing so well and plus, an old friend and neighbor of hers from school has “burrowed” a large sum of money without asking and ran away.
She is left by her no good boyfriend on the day before his marriage to her slutty roommate (who quickly turns into an ex room-mate) so Gae-in has to get a new room-mate to get some money.
Jin-ho is an architect who has a small firm that’s trying to win a bid on a large project  for an art center and in order to win the bid, he needs to get information about the art director’s favorite building, which just happens to be the house that Gae-in’s father designed and built and the one that she is living in.
The two first meet on the bus and do not end this meeting as best friends.
Gae-in’s home is closed to visitors at the request of her father who is often abroad and it is told that it has to do with the death of Gae-in’s mother so Jin-ho has to figure a way to convince Gae-in to take him in as her room-mate (good luck with that since she does not trust men at the moment and is also pissed off) so he can discover the house secrets.
As luck has it, Gae-in and Jin-ho, find themselves at the same hotel and a small misunderstanding, leads Gae-in to believe that Jin-ho is gay.
Gae-in will not let a stranger live with her but since she is told that a gay man is a girl’s best friend and since she really needs the money, she lets Jin-ho move into the spare room.
Sounds like fun? It is, and one of the leads is Lee Min-ho who also played Jun-pyo in “Boys over flowers”.
In “Boys over flowers”, he had very few moment to shine with that very bad director and script but there were a few moments of light that led me to think that he might be a decent actor.
I’m glad to say that in this series, his annoyed expression is replaced by a more natural one and when he smiles, he looks almost edible… hmm.
Favorite moment: Gae-in has very bad period cramps and there are no pain killers in the house and so Jin-ho who is pretty worried, sits by her bed and massages her belly to relieve the pain.
Have I mentioned how sweet this series is?

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