On air (2008)

This is another oldie but goodie drama and just like “Worlds within” it tells the tale of the people who work in the TV program making industry.
It tries to stay on the natural side of acting, although there are some exceptions that stand out like a sore thumb (Song Yun-ah is so loud and annoying at times, that you just want to shake her about like a pair of Mexican maracas).
A note – When I watched “Winter sonata”, Park Yong-ha caught my attention, despite the fact that he was playing a horrible, annoying and obsessive character, he struck me as a good actor.
Watching him here, so cool, sweet  and very likable, is heartbreaking.
Oh Seung-ah seems to be a tough and thoughtless drama superstar, she says what she wants, act the way she wants and despite the fact that her acting is considered to be bad, she is very popular.
During a televised award giving ceremony, and once she finds out that she has to share the prize with another actor, she decides to decline it publicly and leaves script writer, Seo Young-eun in an embarrassing situation on stage, in front of the audience and cameras.
Seo Young-eun’s dislike for Seung-ah goes years back to where they had to work together on a drama but Seung-ah didn’t bother to prepare or read the script and the award giving ceremony is just another nail in the coffin of their rocky relationship.
Seo Young-eun is a very successful script writer despite her strange and cheesy dialogues and she is also a divorced woman with a young child that she doesn’t get to see a lot because of her very busy and stressful job.
Jang Ki-joon used to be a famous actor’s manager but her went bankrupt, he decides to start anew when Seung-ah, whom he knew as a fame seeking teenager, leaves her abusive and corrupt manager, Jin Sang-woo and wants to sign in with him.
Ki-joon is an honest guy, who fights for his actors and he is the only person that Seung-ah trusts, she also wants to repay him for saving her years ago from being used by a guy pretending to be a famous manager since she had a soft spot for him ever since then.
Lee Kyung-min is a new director, trying to make a name for himself in the industry.
When SBC is looking for a new drama, with Kying-min as the director, Young-eun as the writer and Seung-ah as the lead actress, the four lead character have to somehow work together in order to make the new drama a success, despite all of the personal differences and scandals.
Apart from Song Yun-ah, whom I didn’t particularly like in “Hotelier” as well, although she was much calmer and less loud and annoying there, the cast is great and the story really picks up after the first two chapters.
Lee Beom-soo is a small and not very attractive guy but somehow, during this drama he became my favorite character, since he is such a good actor.
Kim Ha-neul was very good as well, although I think (after watching “A gentleman’s dignity”) that she plays each and every character of hers in the same way, so there were no real surprises there but I still enjoyed watching her.
This series gives you the chance to see what it’s like to work very hard on something that the audience might like or not, while coping with deadlines, dictations from above, problematic actors and managers and vicious rumors.
I really liked it.

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