My girl or Mai Geol (2005)

Joo Yoo-rin is a girl who has no problem with lies, but she lies only when she is in trouble.
Yoo-rin’s father is a drunk and a gambler who owes money to lawn sharks who are after him and his daughter
Seol Gong-chan is rich (although not too spoiled, which is a surprise in these kind of series) and handsome and as usual, his heart was broken by Kim Se-hyun, his girlfriend, who has abandoned him to pursue a career as a tennis player.
Seo Jung-woo is Gong-chan’s best friend. Jung-woo loves the good life and is constantly chasing women and getting into trouble.
There is also Ahn Jin-shim who is Yoo-rin’s best friend and her brother, Ahn Jin-gyu, who is played by the adorable Jo Kye-hyung.
Gong-chan’s aunt and uncle were killed in an earthquake but their daughter has disappeared.
Gong-chan’s grandfather who has disowned his daughter after she has decided to marry a man that he didn’t like, is plagued by guilt and becomes very ill.
Gong-chan has tried to find his lost cousin but now that his grandfather is very sick, he has almost lost hope of finding her before he dies.
Gong-chan has ran into Yoo-rin a few times and he knows that she is a good liar, that’s why he asks her to lie to his dying grandfather and pretend to be his lost granddaughter.
Yoo-rin agrees, although she feels uncomfortable but she is payed, so she can pay her father’s debts.
While she lives in Gong-cha’s house, they become close but that’s when Se-hyun (Gong-chan’s ex-girlfriend) who has just won a big tennis match and has become a Korean celeb, comes back and wants to get back together with Gong-chan.
Jung-woo, who was only into partying and has helped Yoo-rin a few times, falls in love with her and can’t take a hint.
As long as people think that Yoo-rin and Gong-chan are cousins’all is well but when the truth comes out, all hell breaks loose.
As I’ve said before Jo Kye-hyung is adorable, Lee Dong-wook is very handsome and cool and Lee Joon-ki is a decent actor despite looking like a strange combination between an elf and a manga character.
This series has the silliest ending ever but it’s watchable because there are some good actors there and it’s also rather short, only 16 episodes.

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