La belle (2000)

This post contains spoilers so… basically do as you please 😀 .
This movie is based on a book that I now really want to read but will probably have a big problem with finding translation to (Body by Kyun-dong Yeo)
Oh jin-ho is one of the two actors, need I say more? I might not need to but I want to.
So this is much like the French movies of the 70s, where the scenes are beautifully shot, the lines are like poetry rather than a real conversations and they are few. far apart and don’t represent any kind of real dialogue between the characters and there is lovely piano music, playing all the time. There are very few outside shots, the story mainly takes place in the writer’s apartment.
It’s all pretty artistic.
I guess that you can call it a one sided love affair although there is little love there where the woman is concerned and the man is more obsessed than loving but I guess that when you are treated badly and are craving love, you develop an obsessive kind of relationship.
There are two main characters and another minor one and they do not have a name or at least, if they have one they do not share it with us and do not use it with each other. This also contribute to the feeling of coldness and disconnection.
The movie begins with a woman who walks into a guy’s apartment, the apartment is full of bookshelves and the man is almost always holding a book in his hand, we can hear his thoughts and this is the story that he tells of his relationship with the woman. He write about this relationship in a thick book that we see in the beginning and the end of the movie.
This is his attempt to understand what’s happening.
The woman is not very stable, she is happy with having sex with the writer, perhaps it’s her way of feeling like she has control since she is still obsessed with her ex-boyfriend who summons her to meet him by calling her at all hours.
When she gets these calls, she leaves the writer and runs out to meet her ex and when she returns she is usually drunk.
She treats the writer with contempt, has no problem with using him and tormenting him and he suffers in silence.
One day, the writer finds his loved one badly bruised on the stairs, she has an anger fit and tells the writer that her ex is the only one that she loves, he then decides to put an end to her torment and to the phone calls.
What does he do? He kills the guy.
We see him crossing the road, holding a knife in his hand and surrounded by many other people.
As he walks, the ex-boyfriend crosses the road from the other side and the writer bumps into him, sticks the knife in his gut and continues on walking, leaving the abusive bastard to fall over and die.
The writer takes his loved one to a secluded beach where they spend what seems to be a happy holiday but then she finds out what he has done and she packs her things and leaves but again… she returns to him for what she wants to be one last time.
At the end of the movie, I feel like we are left with more questions than answers and that’s why I’m going to watch it again, to try to understand and also to enjoy Oh Jin-oh’s amazingly beautiful body and face.

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