Kang-goo’s story or Kang-koo’s story or Kangkoo yiyagi (2014)

Lee Kang-goo is a teenager who lives in a town named Kanggoo, this is no accident since his mother moved there because of the name and Kang-goo knows everyone in his little town. The story is often told with his voice and seen through his eyes.
Kim Kyung-tae, a gangsters, comes to Kanggoo with his “brothers” to fulfill a promise to take care of the sister and the nephew of his dead friend.
The sister, Yang Moon Sook, works with her mother at a little diner which is the family business, she has a bad case of diabetes.
While Kyunh-tae is busy trying to get away from the gangsters who have killed his friend and are after him, he manages to befriend young Kang-goo and fall in love with Moon-sook.
It’s a short series, only two episodes but the acting is great and I love the way that the whole story is told only at the end of it.

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