Hyde, Jekyll, Me or Haideu Jikil, Na (2015)

This series is based on the famous book “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and also on a webtoon “Dr. Jekyll Is Mr. Hyde”.
Gu Seo-jin, a young rich heir (hmm, that’s new) who runs a theme park, has dissociative identity disorder which was caused by childhood trauma and was under control for five years until he runs into Jang Ha-na who came back from the states to run her late parents circus which is part of the park.
Seo-jin wants to get rid of the circus which is not enough profitable and he also has a horrible vision of saving Ha-na from a falling stage light. Since he is not the saving type, he is afraid that this vision is a sign that his other personality is awakening.
The other personality only comes out when Seo-jin is under great stress and it is into saving people, Seo-jin lives his life in seclusion, away from anything that might cause Robin, his other personality to take over.
To keep the situation under control, Seo-jin is under treatment but just as Dr. Kang, his hypnotherapist tells him that she thinks that she has found a cure for his problem, she gets abducted.
Robin as opposed to the Seo-jin who is very cynical, egotistical and cold, is an artist with a kind heart, who falls in love with Ha-na, after saving her from a falling lamp.
Robin has a life of his own, his work as an artist is famous and he has fans who are waiting for his next comics and a girl who is in love with him.
He doesn’t like the fact that he is being regarded as a problem that has to be hidden and not as a separate person with feelings and dreams.
While Dr. Kang is gone, Seo-jin is being treated by Yoon Tae-joo but it looks like nothing works and Robin starts appearing more and more.
I didn’t really like this series, there wasn’t much chemistry between the two lead actors and the woman’s part was very weak and not fully developed.
It’s true that there is a bit of a problem to concentrate on other things when Hyun Bin is there and when there are two of him, it’s even harder but still, there is an actress there, give her something to work with, for heaven’s sake.
It starts off as an interesting love story and then it becomes a psychological thriller, it’s a bit confusing because it’s not written well enough but it’s watchable, if you have nothing better to do with your time.

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