Hanoi bride or Bride from Hanoi or Hanoi Sinbu (2005)

As you might have noticed, I’m on a Lee Dong-wook wave these days, what can I do?
This is a short drama, only two chapters but as opposed to Kang-goo’s story, it’s not as good nor is it moving.
Park Eun-wook is a doctor who works in Hanoi, where he meets Ly Thi-v, a Vietnamese girl who works as a translator, and falls in love with her.
Ly Thi-v’s sister who was left by her Korean boyfriend when she was pregnant, opposes the relationship and claims that Eun-wook is going to leave Thi-v and she should find a Vietnamese guy.
When Eun-wook has to leave for Korea on a moment’s notice because his father is dying, he leaves a message for Thi-v with her sister but her sister decides not to give it to her.
As a result, Thi-v doesn’t show up at the airport and Eun-wook leaves for Korean, thinking that she doesn’t love him anymore.
He tries calling her up and writing to her but she doesn’t answer.
One year passes and Eun-wook is still in Korea, working as a doctor.
Par Sok-woo is Eun-wook’s older brother, he is a farmer and has a problem finding a bride because he is not well educated, doesn’t have a good job and is not as handsome as his amazing brother (he is a good cook though :)).
Sok-woo is in love with his best friend, Song Il-lan, a university graduate.
Since he is not that good looking or educated, Sok-woo doesn’t dare make a pass at Il-lan and instead, decides to go to Hanoi and return with a bride.
Amazingly enough, he returns to Korea with Thi-v who didn’t know anything about Eun-wook’s messages nor about his phone calls and letters (she has moved and changed her phone number and address), was sure that he has abandoned her and has decided to marry a good guy, despite not loving him.
meanwhile, Il-lan, finds to her great surprise that she is in love with Sok-woo
When Eun-woo and Thi-v meet again, they have to talk and find out the truth about the reasons for their breakup.
I think that had this been a longer drama, things would look better but it was too short and the main characters were very flat so I didn’t understand why and how they fell in love so quickly and didn’t feel anything when they’ve return to each other’s arms. The same goes with the brother and his friend, so he is a good guy, how and why did his friend suddenly fall in love with him after such a long time and why didn’t he tell her that he loves her before going off to find himself a bride in Hanoi?
Things happen so quickly that Eun-wook’s mother opposes his marriage to Thi-v one minute and the next, she agrees.
It’s watchable but why would you want to waste your time when there are other, better dramas around?

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