Fated to love you or Unmyeongcheoreom Neol Saranghae (2014)

This series is simply adorable, it was a joy to watch.
Lee Gun, a somewhat crazy rich guy, plans to propose to his girlfriend of six years, Se Ra in Macau.
While buying the ring, he bumps (physically) into Kim Mi-young, a kind hearted woman, who works as an intern at a law firm.
The two part ways, only to meet again when Kim Mi-young wins a trip to Macau and ends up by mistake in Lee Guns room, after they were both drugged.
The result of that night is a baby… well, it’s not really a baby yet but Mi-young is pregnant.
Daniel Pitt, a famous designer, helps Mi-young, supports her and (of course) falls in love with her.
Daniel grew up in an orphenage and is looking for his lost sister. How did he lose his sister? They were in the park to get some ice cream, he left her to wait for him on the bench and when he came back, she was gone.
In my book, that spells kidnapping but no one seems to ask too many questions.
Amazingly enough, after Se Ra decides to return to New York, to a lead role in a ballet company, Lee Gun decides to take responsibility and marry Mi-Young but then, as things usually happen in these series, something goes horribly wrong.
The big difference between this series and others that I’ve watched, is that although there are two guys fighting over the same girl, the best friend is not treated like dirt and doesn’t turn nasty when he is rejected.
Daniel is very calm and level headed, he is the voice of reason and is always trying to support and help, even though he knows that he is friend zoned.
Things are actually being said, situations are not being dragged for endless episodes but are being resolved by speaking about the problem :O, this is very rare in Korean dramas or indeed, in any of the dramas that I’ve watched.
For some reason, people never say what’s really going on, as if hiding the truth will help.
Although Lee Gun is a rich guy, he is not cold hearted and is always kind to Kim Mi-young, and his grandmother supports the marriage and loves Kim Mi-young very much.
Other than that, the chemistry between Jang Hyuk and Jang Na-ra is great. They seem to be very comfortabke with each other, perhaps it’s because they’ve worked together in the past. My guess is that they are friends in real life.
In “The making of” videos that I’ve watched, they are constantly joking around.
Jang Hyuk is simply a joy to watch, he is a good actor, is extremly yummy and his strange and crazy laughter is irresistible.
It’s a comedy, the crazy kind. Just watch it and enjoy yourself.

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