Couple or trouble or Fantasy couple or Hwan-sang-eui Keo-peul (2006)

This series is based on the American movie “Overboard” and although I was expecting the worst since I’ve started watching the movie once and it was so bad that I had to stop, this series is not half bad.
Things are moving rather slow so the characters don’t fall in love all of a sudden and Anna, who starts off as the most hateful person imaginable, turns up to be pretty funny.
I loved the fact that although Anna has amnesia, she doesn’t change into a sweet and kind person. I saw it in other series and movies and it’s not convincing.
Anna stays sharp and not very pleasant but after a while, it’s more funny than annoying and she seems more like an alien than a cruel person who enjoys being cruel and rude to people.
Jan Chul-soo has three young nephews that he takes care of after his brother and his wife were killed in a car accident, he is a frugal man who works as a handyman with his partner, Ha Deok-gu.
One rainy evening, Jo Anna, a rich and spoiled woman who is looking for her new house, is stuck by the side of the road with her fancy car and Chul-soo who drives by, stops to help her.
By mistake, the cold and unfeeling Anna, thinks that Chul-soon is a crazy murderer and attacks him.
Chul-soo on the other hand, is sure that Anna is after the money that he has in his coat.
After Anna hits Chul-soo with his shovel, she drives off in a hurry, leaving him bleeding on the road.
A few days later, Chul-soon runs into Anna next to a local grocery store and when he tries to speak to her and demand his money back (she took his coat when she drove off) but Anna, who already knows that he is not a killer, shuts the car’s window on his head and starts driving off with his head stuck inside. He barely manages to release himself with the help of Deok-gu.
The last straw comes when Chul-soo is asked to fix a shower head on Anna’s yacht and she throws him and his toolbox off the deck.
Later on, Chul-soon gets hurt while trying to get his toolbox out of the sea and Anna falls off the yacht’s deck while trying to get her ring back after she threw it away.
Both arrive at the hospital but while Chul-soon has only a few scratches, Anna loses her memory.
Chul-soo decides to take revenge on Anna and use her as a maid for a month, by his calculations, that’s the time that will take for her to compensate for the money that she has stolen and for his lost toolbox.
Sadly, it looks like Chul-soon’s plan on saving money by using Ann as his maid are not too successful as she is more trouble than she’s worth and is always spending his money or causing some unintentional damage.
Oh Yoo-kyung was Chul-soo’s first love but now she is supposed to get married and move to the states. Still. for some reason, she is always around and there is a rivalry between her and Anna over Chul-soo’s feelings.
Meanwhile, Anna’s wussy husband, Billy Park is not too busy looking for her and at first is happy with the thought that his unfeeling and never happy with anything wife is dead.
When Billy find out that Anna is still alive and sees how she has changed, he decides that he wants her back.
Chul-soon tries to find information about Anna’s life and family (so that he can return her home at the end of a month) by using the few details that he has on her, a cellphone number and the yacht’s name but he can’t find anything and as time goes by, he finds that he likes having the strange and frank Anna, around while Anna, befriends Kang-ja, the town’s beloved fool and falls in love with Chul-soo
Kang-ja (who is actually my favorite character in this series) is in love with Deok-gu who has told her to stop following him until it starts snowing. Needless to say that they live in a town where it never snows.
She has some pretty funny encounters with Billy Park who tries to stop her from telling Anna that she is a married woman.
The slow motion bits (which are not really slow motion but just the actors making very slow movements in really time) are especially funny.

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