Blade man (2014)

Yet another new-ish drama featuring my beloved and talented Lee Dong-wook (or wookie, as some of his fans call him).
Let me start with a warning, this is not one of the better dramas and it was a big disappointment after watching the excellent “Hotel king” with ze wook,
This drama lacked a good plot and direction and the soundtrack which was kind of cool in the beginning, became a bore because it was used all of the time.
Joo Hong-bin is a rich guy who owns a computers game company .
With a horribly quick and violent temper that scares his household workers and his employees, he has no problem with physically attacking people when they make him angry and making him angry is very easy.
Hong-bin has a dark secret (that he is not aware of, for a long while), when it rains and he gets really angry, blades pop out of his back and arms.
According to secretary Ko, this strange phenomena began when Hong-bin donated blood to save the life of secretary Ko’s sister, it doesn’t make much sense but the creators of this drama, didn’t bother with more explanations so yes, he donated blood and became a superhero.
Once the blades pop, Hong-bin loses consciousness and his secretary has to carry him to a safe place, where no one can see him.
When he wakes up, his sense of smell is so sensitive that he can smell food that has gone bad in the fridge that’s in the kitchen, he is also freakishly strong and has amazing speed and flying abilities.
Secretary Ko, is the only one who knows about this strange abnormality of his boss and he guards him and saves him time and again, while getting slashed by the blades. He also lets Hong-bin beat him to a pulp when he is angry, as a way to keep the blades from appearing in public. It’s a wonder that he stayed alive long enough to reach the end of the drama.
Madame Yoo, Hong-bin’s housekeeper was once his father’s lover and had his son, she is up to no good and is planning to take over Hong-bin’s house.
She doesn’t go on with her plans though because the series was cut short and I guess that the writers lost interest in this story line.
Son Se-dong is a young game developer who works with her team of friends and also takes care of them.
One of the team members has decided to sell their game to Hong-bin’s company and the guys lost their job and have to share an apartment with Se-dong, who hides them from her landlord, up until one of her friends hurts his back when hiding and has to be hospitalized.
Hong-bin who comes to the hospital, to visit two employees that he has attacked, smells Se-dong who is in another room, with her injured friend, and thinks that she is his ex-girlfriend.
The rights to the young group’s game “Monstro”, were sold to Hong-bin’s company by one of the guys, who then tries to escape from his friends wrath by leaving Korea for the states.
Hong-bin has a meeting with Se-dong and refuses to give the game back to its creators so Se-dong goes to the airport in hope of talking her friend into going back and convincing Hong-bin to give the game rights back to its creators.
While chasing the guy through the airport, Se-dong runs into Chang, a little boy who was abandoned at the airport.
She calls the police but when the kid will not stop crying, she feels so bad for him that she takes him home with her for the night.
To make a lohhhong story short, Chang is Hong bin’s son that he didn’t know anything about. When Chang talks about his mother, Kim Tae-hee. Hong-bing discovers that she didn’t die like everyone has told him and he starts investigating.
While visiting Tae-hee’s parents, to find out more details about her death, Se-dong and Hong-bin start bonding and end up falling in love.
When Hong-bin hears Chang describing the way his mother was beaten up by his grandfather, he discovers that his dad might have been the reason why Tae-hee has disappeared.
Meanwhile, Hong-bin’s younger half brother, Joo Hong-joo, has a hard time dealing with his parents.
His father is angry at him for not studying and his mother is a crazy woman who is busy being mean to everyone, including her own son.
When Hong-joo meets Se-dong, he too falls in love with her.
Strangely enough, Hong-joo works with Tae-hee, who isn’t dead at all, just very sick and he sends Hong-bin a message, telling him that he should be the one asking about her and that he will not speak of her unless asked. What an awkward way of handling things.
The big problem with this strange drama is that it has not been decided what kind of drama it is, is it a story about two brothers and the woman they love? If so, it’s a joke since Se-dong shows no romantic interest in Hong-joo, so why even go there?
Is it a supernatural story? If so than why not find a better explanation to Hong-bin’s ability to grow blades and why do his superpowers appear and disappear with no apparent reason? One minute he can lift a car up with one hand and the next, he is punching a wall and falling down, crying with pain.
He can somehow find Chang by smelling him out when he disappears but sadly, although we have been told that his sense of smell is more sensitive after every blade popping incident, there was no such incident, so how can Hong-bing smell Chang?
Se-dong seems to be very undecided about dating Hong-bin and she is breaking up with him, with or without a good reason.
It looks like Madame Yoon who claims to dedicate her life to defending Hong-bin’s father, is busy making him seem like a ruthless killer.
In short, it’s not the best of series but there are a few funny moments, one of them is the meal that Hong-bin invites two workers (whom he has beaten up once) to.
He has arranged this meal because he wanted to prove his father wrong, when he blamed him for being just as violent as he was.
The two workers are dead afraid of their boss, who urges them to eat quickly because he doesn’t have time and they end up eating so fast that they both get a horrible stomach ache.
Another funny scene is Hong-bin’s fear of the dark. This guy can really run :D.

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