Angel eyes or Enjel Aijeu (2014)

It’s one of these silly dramas where logic is not important and so there’s a blind girl who walks around with no cane and almost gets ran over by a truck.
When people say things like:”Promise that you will never leave me without telling me”, you can bet your ass that he/she will leave without saying anything or in this case, say that they are leaving to their loved one who has just gone through an operation and is sleeping like a baby. She can’t hear you, buddy. She is sleeping like a baby and will cry like one when she wakes up and find that you left her.
Leaving a note by the bed is all good and well but not when her father, the doctor is around because he will take the note and also hide all of your letters because guess what, he doesn’t want you to keep in touch.
If you want to inform your loved one that you have to leave the country and who knows when you will be back, kindly make sure that she is awake.
This is a story of Yoon Soo-wan and Park Dong-joo, two teenagers who fall in love but wait, it’s not such a simple tale since Dong-joo’s father who was a fire-fighter, was trying to save Soo-wan’s mother from a burning car and they were both killed but Soo-wan who was also in the car, was saved but becames blind.
You wait and wait to see when they will both find out about it but they never do which is only one annoying thing that happens in this drama. I mean, come on, this is kind of important but they never come back to it.
The two teenagers meet when Dong-joo who works as a delivery boy, delivers porridge to Soo-wan’s house and falls in love with her without knowing (at first) that she is blind. He even saves her life but sadly, he has to leave for the states after his mother is hit by a car.
But wait… there is more, Soo-wan’s’s father is a surgeon and she is waiting for a donor for an eye operation that can return her eye sight… who do you think is the donor? That’s right folks, it’s the Dong-joo’s mother whom the girl knows and loves as a mother.
There is some shady going ons with the mother’s death but I will not go into that here because… well, I don’t want to spoil the fun for the viwers.
The important thing is that the doctor father who spends most of his time abroad, starts drinking heavily and at some point, Dong-joo bumps into him and saves him and then, the father starts treating him as his own son.
Dong-joo and Soo-wan meet again as adults when Dong-joo return to Korea as a doctor and a surgeon.
Soo-wan’s operation was a success so she can see again and is working as a fire-fighter.
Needless to say that at first. Soo-wan does not know who Dong-joo is (he is using his American name – Dylan) and he, for some reason is not telling her. She also has a boyfriend who is a doctor so it looks like she has moved on from her first love while Dong-joo has not.
Since Dong-joo is surgeon, he finds a job in the same hospital where the Soo-wan’s boy friend and her father work.
Kang Ji-woon, Soo-wan’s boyfriend, who is also the son of one of the most powerful families in town, is trying his best to deal with the new situation.
Other than this merry group, there is also Dong-joo’s younger sister, Cha Min-soo (who is supposed to be really cute and cheerful but is really annoying, childish and loud, unlike her sweet brother), starts working as a nanny for Ki Woon-chan who works at the fire-station and there is also Teddy, a Korean-American who works at the fire-station and fall in love with Min-soo.
Yep, it’s as silly as it sounds and there are enough deaths, car accidents, fainting and unnecessary breakup and drama to make anyone happy (or at least amused for a while).
I must say that there was so much misery in this series and things were moving so slowly at some point, that I just had to take a break from it.
Ku Hye-sun is playing as Yoon Soo-wan in her adult version and I must say that I was sort of happy to see that she has some acting talent because she sucked rotten lemons in “Boys for flowers”. Not considering the stupid part that she was playing of a girl who is supposed to be spunky but is needy and will die without a guy to save her, she was so bad as an actress that it was laughable but here, she stopped making horrible faces and it was possible to watch her without having the urge to strangle her.
Lee Sang-yoon as Park Dong-joo was adorable. So cuddly, warm and good hearted with lovely dimples and beautiful hands and oh yes, he is also such a good actor :D.
He was the only reason why I’ve returned to finish watching the drama, although Kim Ji-seok who is playing Kang Ji-woon, was also good but he is only a minor character.

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