A gentleman’s dignity or Shinsaui Poomgyuk (2012)

Oh dear goddess, it was so much fun watching this series. I was so sad when I’ve watched the last episode.
The big difference between this piece of fun and other series that I’ve watched is that it’s about 41 year old men and there is no trauma or illness or any other kind of horrible disaster that the viewer should watch out for.
Kim Do-jin is an architect. He is very sarcastic, and quite the ladies man.
One day, while sitting in a coffee place, he sees a beautiful woman, standing outside and he falls in love with her.
The woman is Seo Yi-soo, a high-school teacher and an umpire for an amateur baseball team who is in love with Im Tae-san who is her roommate’s boyfriend.
Hong Se-ra is a professional golf player and Yi-soo’s roommate, she is very sexy and although she’s been Tae-san’s girlfriend for a year, she doesn’t want to commit. She doesn’t know that her friend, Yi-soo is in love with her boyfriend.
Im Tae-san and Kim Do-jin run together a successeful architect company.
Choi Yoon is a handsome lawyer who secretly loves Tae-san’s young sister, he fights this love because he’s afraid of what will happen to his friendship with Tae-san.
Im Meari is Tae-san’s sister. She 24 years old and has been in love with Yoon ever since she was a kid.
Meari has no fear in expressing her love for the lonely Yoon who has lost his wife in an accident and has been alone ever since.
Lee Jung-rok is a coffee place owner and very naughty fellow. He is married to Park Min-sook who is older than he is and very rich.
Since Jung-rok is constantly flirting with women, Min-sook has no trust in him and has even payed Meari who works at the coffee shop, to spy on him for her.
Every now and again, Min-sook says that she wants a divorce but she still loves her husband and he loves her.
Apart from these main characters there are also Colin, a mysterious teenager who appears out of nowhere and finds great interest in the guys and Kim Dong-Hyub, one of Yi-soon’s students who always gets in trouble.
The four guys have been best friends ever since high-school and each episode begins with a memory of them together.
The funniest moment for me was a memory about the four guys going camping.
Tae-san and Do-jin happily let Yoon and Jung-rok build the tent and as the two poor guy get really thirsty after working so hard and they all open their picnic boxes, they find that although they’ve each packed plenty of booze, they’ve completely forgotten to bring any food 😀 .
Other than playing their parts to perfection, after watching the special show about the series, I’ve noticed that they were a pretty amusing team.
Jang Dong-gun is a cool guy who really likes to laugh and Kim Min-jong is so sensitive and a bit shy but has a great sense of humor. I would really love to hang out with these two, they seem to be cool dudes.
This is a series about friendship and love and it’s funny and sweet with great actors.

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